Coronavirus (COVID-19): Measures to protect our patients

To our patients at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center, In compliance with Governor Kate Brown and in support of our first responders, our office will be temporarily closing starting Monday, 3/23/20 to protect the national supply of gloves, masks and gowns (PPE – personal protective equipment.) You may read more about Governor Brown’s executive order 20-10 for all elective and…

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Why Risk the Unintended Consequences of Synthetic Hormones?

The ongoing controversy over what constitutes “organic” or “natural” foods continues to perplex the average American family, particularly the parent who is charged with buying groceries. While they are typically more expensive to buy, organically grown fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are becoming more and more popular because they seem to be healthier than those which are doused with pesticides…

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How Stress Kept This Doctor Up all Night

With three young children, an entrepreneurial husband and an extremely busy medical practice to run, Dr. Wesley Brady should have been tired enough to fall asleep at the dinner table. While she was mentally and physically exhausted, for several years there was something that caused this Dallas physician to spend hours every night tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She…

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