BTL Cellutone™

Are you Ready for Great Looking Legs?

Then BTL Cellutone is the answer! BTL Cellutone™ is a revolutionary, new treatment specifically create to reduce cellulite on your thighs and buttocks. And best of all, it’s non-invasive. No needles, no liposuction.

BTL Cellutone™ Benefits

  • Painless Application
  • No Special Regimen Needed
  • High Satisfaction Rate Worldwide
  • Visible, Long-Lasting Results
  • Low Side Effect Risks

BTL Cellutone™ Video

How Does BTL Cellutone™ Get Rid of Cellulite?

BTL Cellutone™ uses powerful vibrations that are specifically targeted on cellulite areas. The mechanical vibrations enhance the microcirculation and oxygen supply in the treated area leading to increased blood supply and removal of excess fluid. In essence, BTL Cellutone™ aids in the elimination of the factors that cause cellulite to form in the first place.

BTL Cellutone™ can be used by itself or in combination with other fat reduction methods such as BTL Vanquish

Cellutone™ Before and After

What Results Can I Expect?

The treatment significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite as well as tighten the skin in treated areas. Patients surveyed have reported visible improvements after one treatment with BTL Cellutone™, however, each patient is different. Check out our Before and After pictures to see the incredible results!

Is BTL Cellutone™ Safe?

BTL CELLUTONE™ is safe and meets strict standards. based on the emission of targeted vibrations into the treated tissue.

What is the Downtime with BTL Cellutone™?

None! This is the perfect lunch-time treatment as it only takes 30-45 minutes and causes no pain or effects.

How many Cellutone™ treatments do I need?

Bridgeport Laser & Wellness will meet with you and create an individual plan based on your needs and body. Most of our patients require 4-6 treatments over the course of a few weeks.