It’s Time to Take Care of You

It’s true – we take it for granted until it’s gone. Men become more aware of their changing appearance as they reach their middle age. You didn’t have to think about creams and treatments, wrinkles and back hair until now. Why should you have? You had your youthful looks and the beaming energy, and confidence to move mountains. You see it changing and you want to hang on a little longer. You can’t be 25 again, but we can help. We can extend your time and even roll back a few years.

People rely on you for leadership and you don’t want to look old and tired. Begin with a free consultation and learn what is possible without going through major surgery. The transformation within you can happen quickly as you leave our Portland clinic knowing that there is something you can do about it and it won’t require extensive hours. You’ll find that your old confidence is back and you’ll notice the difference in how people react to you. Against your younger counterparts you will look like you still belong in the race, but your experience will keep you in the lead.

BOTOX: Wrinkles are appearing and you are seeing your Dad in the mirror. We have helped hundreds of Portland men recover their healthy and youthful looks. Reach out to our professional team at Portland Botox clinic in Bridgeport and we will give you a free consultation to discuss treatment options for erasing your wrinkles and restoring your confidence as you walk into a room.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Hair is getting heavier on your back and you’ve stopped taking off your shirt. Waxing sounds terrible and you’d rather pretend it doesn’t bother you, but avoiding situations where you might take off your shirt has become the norm and you’re missing out. Our laser hair removal machine is not your Father’s laser hair machine. Some clinics still use those old painful and hot devices, but not us. We invested in a top of the line Soprano ICE medical laser. The ICE in that name means exactly what you suspect. It actually cools the laser and gives you a comfortable hair removal session.

ACNE TREATMENT: Did you suffer from acne and were left with acne scars on your face, neck, chest, back, shoulders or upper arms? There are several treatment options available. During a free consultation with our specialists you will learn about the best options for your situation, budget, and lifestyle.