There are many great things about living in Tualatin. You can have small town living close to the city, with nature, hiking, and fresh air bumping up against the bright lights of Portland. There is everything you could possibly want in Tualatin, including easy access to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness. Bridgeport offers a number of services to keep you looking young and healthy, including EMSCULPT. 

What is EMSCULPT? 

EMSCULPT is a way to get rid of fat and build muscle without exercise or an invasive procedure. It involves targeting spots on the body with electromagnetic energy at high-intensity levels that can provide shape to your muscles and even bulk them out. The electromagnetic pulses cause your muscles to contract at approximately 40,000 times per minute, providing an intense simulated workout. With regular EMSCULPT treatments, your muscles will get bigger and more pronounced. With the fat killing properties of the treatment, they will also be more defined and better contoured. 


There are several benefits from getting EMSCULPT treatments. For one, you can increase your muscle mass without extra time at the gym or using weights. Some estimates show that your mass can increase up to 20%. You can do this while not having any downtime that you might have from a procedure. You can go back to work, enjoy exercising, or even play high impact sports right away. The treatment is safe while also being effective. There are no side effects other than your body looking its best. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, EMSCULPT could be the contouring and muscle mass solution you’ve been looking for. 


There are several EMSCULPT options from which to choose, so you can get the look and feel that you want. For one, there is standard EMSCULPT, which provides muscle sculpting and builds muscle mass. It can also help reduce fat in the targeted areas. 

Evolve Tone sculpt provides more of a toning effect, while also slightly building muscles. The applicators used in this process can also help tighten your skin and remove fat so that it looks younger and healthier. 

Are There Risks With EMSCULPT

EMSculpt treatments are fully authorized by the FDA as being safe and effective. The applicator delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic pulses into your muscle and fat cells to get the outcomes that you want. There is no risk to getting an EMSCULPT treatment, as the energy used is not linked to cancer, involves no radiation, and does not impact your nerves or blood vessels. EMSCULPT is very safe and can get you the look you want without any side effects. 

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive and time efficient way to build your muscle, contour your body, and reduce your fat. Contact an expert at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness to discuss whether you are a good candidate for this treatment and how we can get you looking and feeling your best.