I have been in the aesthetic industry for 8 years.

My favorite treatment is Microneedling with PRP! Boosting your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production is great but when you microneedle your body’s own platelet-rich plasma back into your skin the results are enhanced as well as the downtime is reduced. It’s softening fine lines, brightening your skin, reducing pigmentation and pore size as well as breaking up pesky scar tissue.

My favorite product is the Regenerating Skin Nectar by Alastin. It has the patented Tri-Hex technology to help clear out dead collagen and elastin and makes room for healthy collagen and elastin to take its place. In addition to helping your skin stay its healthiest, it helps reduce inflammation, address redness, and can be used post-procedure to help speed up healing time. You’ll never catch me doing any treatment without pre-treating my skin for at least 2 weeks with the Regenerating Skin Nectar!