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I had been looking for a new place to go that had a good reputation. Derek and the rest of the staff were friendly and informative. I am very pleased with the results so far and will definitely be going back to them.
By Anon on 2016-04-07
Patricia does such a fabulous, caring and thorough service!!! She is incredibly good at what she does, has a great work ethic and is friendly yet very professional. I always feel so well cared for and special when I come in for treatment. I thoroughly trust her expertise!!!
By Charlene Foglio on 2016-02-26
Again I had a wonderful experience with Patricia for an anti aging facial. Not only is she very gentle she gives very good advice on product use and possible treatments for the future
By Karyn Buchanan on 2015-12-08
Natalia is fantastic. I have seen her approx. 10 times and she is always on time, and she knows her stuff. She has helped me get rid of sun damage and wrinkles and has instructed me on how to keep my skin in its best condition. I feel like she is my personal consultant.
By Anon on 2015-11-06
I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. A wonderful level of professionalism as well as warm and friendly consideration. Highly recommended.
By Laura Klingelhofer on 2015-09-17
Staff was very helpful and professional. Procedure was explained well. Was worth the 2 hour drive to get there! Recommend excellent .
By Anon on 2015-08-06
My wife purchased an ultherapy package but decided not to do it right away. They transferred it over to me and changed the package to fit the areas that I wanted done. Very easy to work with. Natalia talked me through the procedure so I was prepared for the discomfort, making it more bearable. She adjusted her speed to what I was comfortable with. Can’t wait to see the results.
By Anon on 2015-07-15
You guys are simply fabulous. I’ve had lots done there and I am always treated like a queen. You’re the best
By Lori Miller on 2015-06-06
Dr Norcom and his wife are the nicest team of athesitic doctors working in this field. I was treated with respect both times I visited their clinic, first at another location and
By Anon on 2015-04-11

now at Lake Oswego location. I did check with other establishments and I got a really bad review form the most famous Doctor in the Portland area. I checked with another location in Beaverton and Dr Norcom quoted me the best prices BAR NONE.

I am thankful for the honesty that was given me from Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. Most ever place will lie to get your money, but not here. They were up front and honest letting me know that what I wanted done would only have a 20% impact on my body. The place is beautiful and well kept, which is very important to me. The staff gave 100% of their attention to me and made me feel very welcomed and special. I will be letting family, friends and people I don’t even know about Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. I thank them for the time, care and understanding that they showed me and all of their patients.
By Linda Weaver on 2015-02-23
I followed my former Esthetician here. it was my first time. of course my treatment was incredible because it was preformed by patricia. I was impressed with how friendly everyone was. i recommend trying Bridgeport if you’ve been considering. ask for patricia, she delivers excellent results.
By Emily Schneider on 2014-11-25
When I entered the front door the receptionist greeted me with a smile and a cup of coffee. She was friendly and helpful. My session with Alina was informative and encouraging. All in all I had an extremely positive experience.
By Joanie Porter on 2014-10-29
The gal doing my injection was very good. She was friendly, complimentary, and thorough. She gave me lots of recommendations on products but was not pushy.
By Adria Cassidy on 2014-10-09
Ms Duan is an amazing injector! My Botox was virtually painless and she’s a great educator, too – as well as warm and engaging. I could not be more satisfied. Also those special needles she uses DO make a difference in pain level for someone like me, a total chicken about needles with a very low pain threshold. One thing: would’ve been nice if the Spa had any information regarding what i needed to do to get the advertised Double Points from Brilliant Distinctions per their Special going on right now – it’s what brought me back in for a treatment. I was told there was no knowledge of it (I did also bring in a copy of the BD email and Cydney tried to call them but being Saturday, they were closed). I’ll try calling BD during the week – I did get my regular 200 points, however. Thanks, Michelle
By Michelle Mattair on 2014-07-20
Dr. Norcom is great, down to earth, honest and most importantly highly skilled. I had a bad experience with botox elsewhere. Dr. Norcom knew right off how to remedy the problem. Now I have a great experience! Staff is friendly and Natalia is just awesome, love her!
By Anon on 2014-04-17
After a second PCA peel, my skin looks five years younger. My husband even noticed how good my skin looks. I now wear very little or no base makeup, only a bit to define my eyes. What is most surprising is that I have had a scar under my chin for years and it looks and feels non-existent! The staff is always welcome and courteous. My long term solution to my skin being at its best. Thank you Beidgeport Wellness!
By Janet Creasy on 2013-12-24
I LOVE this place. I highly recommend Bridgeport Laser & Wellness to anyone that is thinking about any of the services they offer.
By Anon on 2013-04-17
I have been going here for years (it use to be in West Linn) and although I have strayed a few times I came back and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love Dr. Norcom and Natalia!
By on 2013-04-02
Wonderful and very friendly staff! Great experience as always!
By Anon on 2016-09-12
Great! Dr. Norcom is the best, he really listens and spends time with you and explains all your options. Plus, he is very precise and detail oriented when he is doing any procedures for maximum result! I am always happy with the result every time I go to him. I know him for 10 years and I referred my family to him too! His staff are very nice and friendly too! I highly recommend him!
By Katrina Sabahi on 2016-08-24
I gave nothing but compliments for the professionals working at the Bridgeport Spa.I have had two procedures at this spa and the personnel have always been very good at informing me about the prep and post results. They are very knowledgeable and professional about their work and I would recommend them without questions.
By Anon on 2016-08-20
By Anon on 2016-08-17
Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!! Love the results!!!
By Anon on 2016-08-13
Always great service in a very comfortable environment.
By Anon on 2016-08-10
I was at ease even though I am so afraid of needles . Hardly felt anything . Staff fantastic , welcoming .
By Alena Dinihanian on 2016-07-31
The staff is very embracing ! They treat you like family not a patient !
By Renee Clark on 2016-07-29
I have been going to Dr Norcom for years. Fantastic Doc, He is gentle as well as talented. He has a kind and personable staff. Highly recommend. I have never been disappointed with treatment at this office. πŸ™‚
By Cindy Wilhelm on 2016-06-28
Every experience I’ve had at Bridgeport has been wonderful. Dr. Norcom and all other medical assistants and aestheticians are extremely sensitive to each persons own needs and desires, and will work with you individually to achieve the results you want. They are highly professional, experts in their field, and there is never any pressure for unwanted or unneeded procedures. At the same time, all the staff are available to spend time with you discussing any new therapeutic options or new procedures that have been developed.
By Anon on 2016-06-23
Nice operation. Performed well. Accomplished the procedure without complications… and my face looks better. Costs were nominal. I recommend (pain free ( he does meds) if you can tolerate your your own psycholigal state. the operation goes well)
By Tom Thorpe on 2016-06-17


I came in for Botox and Patricia was amazing…answered all my questions and gave me some great info!!
By Anon on 2016-06-01
When I arrived, I was told that the doctor I had an appointment with was running behind. Instead, my consultation was with a nurse practitioner. She was informative, but ultimately couldn’t help me. I also found the prices to be outrageously expensive. I would not refer anyone to this company.
By Denise Latham on 2016-05-26
This is such a beautiful medical spa. To just say that the entire staff is extremely professional,well informed and has exceptional customer service skills would not began to describe how amazing they really are. From the moment you walk in you feel peaceful and very special. They all go out of their way to get to know who you as a person. You never feel as they are just trying to sell you a product or a procedure. You are put at ease immediately and can relax knowing that your best interest is really the goal of the staff and Doctor’s. I have been redirected more that once on what the best long term courses of treatments and procedures that I should concentrate on instead of spending my money and time on short term immediate results. I am so grateful for their expertise and honesty. Such attention to detail and
By Anon on 2016-05-19

sincerity is becoming rare. I love this place

Excellent all the way around!!
By Anon on 2016-05-19
Patricia is a very beautiful person inside and out. She has a full knowledge of skin anatomy. I only trust her with my skin and would highly recommend her.
By Abigail Mariano on 2016-05-04
Patricia always goes the extra mile in giving good service!
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2016-04-26
Friendly, helpful and pleasant with great product lines to fit my beauty needs. Highly recommend Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center.
By Sallie Paulson on 2016-04-24
I’m truly happy. It was worth it all. Can’t say it in words how good and different I feel. Don’t waste time.
By Julie Evans on 2016-04-20
Perfect! Natalia is my girl, she’s the best!!
By Anon on 2016-04-02
Robyn was so helpful when getting a rush on my prescription before leaving on vacation. She was diligent in making calls and getting back to me immediately. Savannah is personable and concerned with my success and my obstacles in life. She is genuine and very kind hearted. I always feel good when leaving an
By Mindy Yarnell on 2016-03-24

appointment with her and I know my success is attributed to Savannahs encouragement.

When I went in to pick up some products, I was not impressed. Nobody knew anything about the products and the person behind the desk was not friendly nor was she helpful. I’ve been there for facials, Botox, etc and the aestiticians were fantastic! But to go in just to buy products, I will probably go elsewhere for that. I felt like I was a bother to the person at the front Robin.
By Anon on 2016-03-10
I had my second ThermaSooth with Wendy this week. I am so pleased and always feel comfortable and confident in Wendy’s skills. I will recommend her and the clinic and I will return for future treatments
By Nancy Tinney on 2016-03-03
Yan Yuan and Samantha were very professional, personable, and worked well together on a Sunday!. It’s nice to be called by your first name.
By Choni Coyle on 2016-03-02
Another great appointment! Thank you Dr. Norcom for the painless Botox injections! You rock!!!
By Michelle Sprando on 2016-02-24
Super professional staff, warm welcoming environment. Natalia was amazing. She fully explained the procedure before hand as well as during the treatment. She enhanced my self esteem and I left very pleased. The next day I had no irritation or redness and fabulous results. Will definitely go again!
By Anon on 2016-02-24
Beautiful office, professional staff.
By Anon on 2016-02-06
I absolutely think every woman should treat themselves to a facial. Wonderful! Very professional and friendly.
By Alise Tingen on 2016-02-05
Very knowledgable and responsive to your care. I’d highly recommend going here
By Anon on 2016-01-26
Very welcoming front staff. Savanna was wonderful during my treatment. Supportive and encouraging. The facility is also very relaxing. Doesn’t feel sterile like most doctors offices.
By Mindy Yarnell on 2016-01-25
For those of you wanting to do the hCG diet I highly suggest using one of many reputable online databases that sell pharmaceutical grade hCG for a fraction of the cost. is a phenomenal resource for those looking for pharmaceutical grade hCG and how to go about each step of the protocol. Not to mention, it will cost you less than $200 versus the over $700 program at Bridgeport Wellness. The site was recommended to me when I did the protocol through Bridgeport wellness and I deeply regret wasting so much money to no benefit. You Will receive very little support from the staff at the Bridgeport wellness clinic so you may as well do it yourself with your own resolve and the support of friends and family.
By Anon on 2016-01-13
Patricia did my Botox and filler and I couldn’t be happier with the results!
By Anon on 2015-12-22
Very professional.
By Anon on 2015-12-21
Very friendly staff. Savanna has been great support with my hcg diet.
By Angie Cearley on 2015-12-17
Just attended the Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Holiday Party. This is such a fabulous event for those who want to age well. Several providers were available to answer questions on new technology, delicious hors d’oeuvres were served and sparkling drinks, of course! Drawings were offered every hour. So glad I went!
By Dedi Streich on 2015-12-09
For years I struggled with light but coarse hair that made daily shaving a necessity. I finally decided I needed to do something about it but I was very nervous about getting hair removal on my legs, arms and bikini area. From the very beginning, Patricia made it a comfortable experience. She was professional, compassionate and entertaining as she worked to relieve me of the years of stress and embarrassment that excess hair caused. I am so happy with the results and I am so glad that I decided to do this! I feel like my self esteem has gone up and I feel more sexy and comfortable in my own skin. I never realized how much shaving was a part of my daily decision making: “What will I wear? Do I have to shave?. I didn’t shave–I can’t wear
By Anon on 2015-11-25

that.” I feel like now I am living the life I was supposed to live. maybe that sounds
weird, that shaving/hair removal could make me feel that way–but it wasn’t until the hair was gone that I realized how much it affected me. The weird part now is how much I DONT think about shaving!! I highly recommend Patricia for your hair removal needs. You will not be disappointed.

Everyone is very helpful and sweet! I’ve had fantastic results too!
By Angella Kelemen on 2015-10-28
I love Natalia…very competent, straightforward and honest information and she exercises good judgement, the facility is clean, appropriately furnished and equipped, and quiet…no jangling music.
By Lynn Anderson on 2015-10-16
Love the fact that I can get Bio-Identical hormones here.
By Devy Ernst on 2015-10-04
I have been having procedures done at Bridgeport Laser and wellness for about 2 1/2 years now. They have so much to offer from hair removal to cellulite treatments. I am a big fan of IPL treatments and Botox. I also love the fact that they have a lot of HCG weight-loss products such as the salad dressing and spices. There are so many Products but too many to mention . As you walk through the doors at Bridgeportlaser it has a very spa like ambience. The staff is amazing and very beautiful. I have recommended Bridgeportlaser and wellness to several of my friends. No one has been disappointed. It is very private and confidential
By Jenni McBrien on 2015-10-01
Natalia is always wonderful and provides amazing skincare. I’ve always been very happy going to Bridgeport Laser and Wellness!
By Anon on 2015-09-26
I’m so thrilled to have been referred to Bridgeport Laser by a friend. I would consider myself quite the expert when it comes to my face because I’ve seen a myriad of aestheticians without the results promised. My skin is extremely sensitive and I’ve dealt with acne scars without resolution until I met and started working with the well informed and wonderfully educated Natalia. Not only am I seeing results but every time I’ve left Bridgeport Laser I have left more educated about my skin without any pressure to buy extra services or unnecessary products that don’t do what they are meant to do for my skin. I highly recommend Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center to anybody who truly wants to see a difference in their skin while taken care of by
By Caren Van Kleek on 2015-09-22

remarkable staff that treat you with respect and incredible kindness. Call today and schedule a complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. ~ Blessings

Excellent experience! Everyone who works there is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Norcom listened to what I needed and made it happen!
By Anon on 2015-09-11
I think they were very informative and answered all my questions, everyone there was very nice grate atmosphere .
By India Slaughter on 2015-09-06
Great service.
By Anon on 2015-09-02
Great place. Very well run and efficient.
By Devy Ernst on 2015-09-01
Dr Norcom is great. He is personable and very passionate about his work He presented current research finding to help me make a treatment decision and he has a very gentle touch. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. I will definitely return in the future.
By Karyn Buchanan on 2015-09-01
What a great experience. So pleasant and attentive. Extremely friendly and professional. The results are outstanding even on my tight budget.
By Dan Higgins on 2015-08-26
My visit to Dr. Norcom was a very pleasant visit. I am not a fan of shots but I got thru this without too many problems. I did have quite a lot of bruising the next morning, but it has gotten better now. Thank you staff and Dr. Norcom
By Anon on 2015-08-21
They were very helpful. I had a great visit!
By Joan McGinnis on 2015-08-15
I have had a few of the treatments offered and have been very happy with my results. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable regarding their treatment and products.
By Sally Bell on 2015-08-12
Great results. Dr Norcom is a skillful practitioner and a very personable man. I highly recommend him. I have been under his care for three years
By Colleen Kobs on 2015-07-26
Your nurse practitioner is excellent. Gave you 4 stars and would have given you 5 stars except for the fact that I myself did not get treatment because of a PSA technicality.
By Anon on 2015-07-25
I have had a couple of the laser procedures and have been very happy with my results. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.
By Sally Bell on 2015-07-24
The Team are all so very nice, accommodating and super friendly! I always feel welcomed when I stop in. I’m on the HCG program – and it deliveries exactly what it says! A great program and Alina is the real deal. She is with you at every step to guide and support and cheer you on! I’m on my second round – lost 25Ibs the first time around – and ready to lose 30 more! ~ JJ
By Anon on 2015-07-07
Based on past experience with other places, I always enter Cosmetic and Skin Care places with skepticism. I am pleased to say I have only had great experiences with Bridgeport Laser & Wellness. Both Dr. Norcom and Patricia are skilled professionals.
By Anon on 2015-06-30

Patricia has done a great job of educating me (not selling me). I find her vast experience particularly helpful and insightful. I have had Botox, Juvederm and Pixel Laser and have been pleased with all results. I can recommend Bridgeport without reservation.

Nurse Practitioner Yan Duan was very charming and well informed. We enjoyed our visit with her very much. My wife had all her treatment done during that first session. However, in my case it turned out that they could not help me at this time because my PSA test being slightly elevated (2.8). After consulting Suzanne Somer’s book Bombshell pages 109-110 the experience of an 84 year old lawyer is related whose PSA level was far higher. He received the treatment with much success. The story is told to Suzanne by Abraham Morgentaler M.D. Again we enjoyed meeting Yan Duan at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center.
By Anon on 2015-06-14
I receive the knowledge and excellent care very happy with my results of my peel patricia is awesome!!!
By Dena Waldron on 2015-06-13
Fantastic staff. Can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Norcom. Very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. Highly recommend
By on 2015-06-12
Wonderful to meet Patricia Gravenites, an excellent provider. Informative and flexible, I am super happy with results.
By Malika Burman on 2015-05-27
Patricia was very pleasant, knowledgable and professional Amy Silici
By Amy Silici on 2015-05-21
Yan is an incredible artist, still me, just better.
By Nancy Vassar on 2015-05-17
Customer service is excellent. Aestheticians are well-educated. I am in the medical field and have performed a lot of the services they offer, myself. I fully trust the staff at Bridgeport for all my aesthetic needs.
By Kara Wilcox on 2015-05-05
Bridgeport is wonderful and so friendly. I would highly recommend them for Botox and BioTE pellets! I feel amazing! Thank you!
By Julie Kaanapu on 2015-04-14
Great location, nice people, will return.
By Anon on 2015-04-14
Patricia is very caring and a consummate professional. She goes above and beyond to take care of you!
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2015-04-12
I love Bridgeport laser Center, I’ve know Dr. Norcom for a long time, as I had some cosmetic procedure done at another location and I was really pleased. This is my 2nd time to see him at this center and Dr. Norcom is very pleasant and easy to talk to, and he sincerely gives you an opinion on what you can do for your particular need. I’m having more procedure done later this year. Thank you Dr. Norcom. Sincerely, Linda
By Anon on 2015-03-20
Beautiful atmosphere, with incredibly knowledgeable staff! They have an amazing array of services priced well below other centers in town. Regardless if you’re looking for something as simple as great skincare products, laser or Full body treatments,you owe it to yourself to visit them before you make a decision!! You’ll be treated with respect, provided with an education on any procedure, and they’ll answer all questions. You’ll be glad you visited & Thrilled with your results!!
By Pam Frank on 2015-03-12
Very comfortable place, helpful staff and good results from the treatment!
By Anon on 2015-03-12
Shame on ME for not doing this for myself way before year 66!!!! The experience was pleasant and conversation wonderful. I’m looking forward to having complete success and not ever having to shave again once all my treatments are completed. (Even though I know there’s never a 100% guarantee anywhere.) All I can say is ‘do this for yourself ladies/gals and do it sooner than later. You can always use my name as your reference: Jo Holland πŸ™‚ !! Save if you need to; take advantage of any promotions they may have and treat yourself to something that is lasting and wonderful. Enjoy!
By Jo Holland on 2015-03-11
Received an amazing anti-aging facial yesterday from Natalia. She made me feel very comfortable and explained in advance of each step of the facial, which she performed with great care. I had a great result, felt very relaxed, pampered and informed.I highly recommend Natalia and the services that Bridgeport Wellness Center.The best way I can say that I endorse them is to say, I will be back.
By Pam Archer on 2015-03-08
Excellent care. Love how Voluma has contoured my cheeks. No bruising, no pain, just beautiful! Thanks to Patricia for her experience and great “bedside manner”. I will return.
By Anon on 2015-03-07
As always, very professional and welcoming! I always leave Bridgeport Laser feeling well taken care of, satisfied, and looking my best. Their pricing is reasonable and competitive and I have never had to spend extra time in the waiting room because they are running behind. I honestly highly recommend Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center.
By Lisa Barnett on 2015-03-03
Very professional and comfortable atmosphere! Excellent service and knowledgeable staff!!!
By Anon on 2015-02-26
I’ve had several pixel procedures done at Bridgeport Laser. Each time I have been happy with my experience and the staff. The staff are friendly and very caring and thorough in each procedure, ensuring you are comfortable with all steps, etc. I would highly recommend Bridgeport Laser!
By Anon on 2015-02-18
The staff was extremely helpful and went way out of their way to help me. Thanks Bridgeport laser and Wellness Center.
By Elena Anderson on 2015-02-08
everyone is so professional and helpful. They remember who you are and greet you in a way that you feel important and that they really care for your well being . Beautiful spa and fantastic selection of top of the line skin care products. Everyone should treat themselves to a visit to Bridgeport lazer and Wellness Center.
By Anon on 2015-01-30
I’ve never felt better. I’m sleeping again.I would like to be losing weight though.
By Brenda Berkhousen on 2015-01-29
I feel very comfortable in the hands of dr norcom! He is so honest, a great listener and very easy to talk to, I trust him to help me make the best decisions for me
By Anon on 2015-01-23
I very much appreciate Yen’s conservative and educational approach. I felt safe and in good hands and will seek her out for future treatments.
By Thea Morgan on 2015-01-18
I always have a superb experience here. Trisha is the best. (I hope I don’t have her name wrong..)
By Malika Burman on 2015-01-17
Natalia is the one to go to!! I won’t let anyone else touch my face. I’d be lost with out her!
By Anon on 2015-01-16
Patricia is very knowledgable and helpful. She was more concerned about what my needs are than in selling products. Dr. Norcum and his staff are my go to people for cosmetic procedures. I highly recommend Bridgeport Laser to anyone looking for the best in knowledge, service and products.
By Nancy Jo Smith on 2015-01-13
Natalia is great!! She is the only person I would trust for these services and the reason I keep coming back.
By Anon on 2015-01-12
Excellent Botox results thank you Dr. Norcom.
By Anon on 2015-01-12
I am very happy with my experience at Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center. I am working with Alina and she has been super supportive during my weight loss. They are not pushy with their products or services. I have recommended them to all my friends and family and will be going back for some other services as well. Thank you Alina for working with me and helping me through my weight challenges you are the best!
By Valerie Anderson on 2015-01-12
The Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center is beautiful with a spa-like interior that makes one feel “special and pampered” upon entering! I personally LOVE Patricia
By Paula Whittington on 2015-01-09

and will continue to be a loyal client to her and the center. She is honest, knowledgeable, and truly cares about her clients. I had Bell’s Palsy in December which caused the left side of my face to droop, especially on my left eyebrow, so I had botox to help even out my eyebrows. I had a visit with Patricia and a
follow-up/consultation with Dr. Norcom, who was also a gem and I immediately felt comfortable with him. But…Patricia actually called me on the phone to make sure I was healing okay since I needed a follow-up visit with Dr. Norcom. I recommend your center (and Patricia) to all my friends/family!

Patricia has the greatest skill level of any clinical professional I have encountered over many years in the aesthetic medicine field.
By Natalie Harley on 2015-01-07
My pellet insertion was the easiest ever.
By Terry Walters on 2015-01-05
Nice staff and very informed. I felt educated and prepared
By Donna Azar on 2014-12-31
The help from the staff is excellent. Thank you.
By Anon on 2014-12-28
Love Bridgeport wellness and laser center. Again had a wonderful visit with the utmost professionalism and customer service. I always feel that my personal
By Anon on 2014-12-27

well-being is always taken into consideration.Beautiful environment with all the most current literature on all procedures. The best selection of professional products you could ask for.

Great place! Outstanding
By Lori Miller on 2014-12-23
Clean and professional. Will return.
By Anon on 2014-12-23
They do a fantastic job. I found them accidentally and have been coming for the last 4 years. Natalia does amazing facials of all types, and both the MD and NP are great for botox and fillers. The staff are always friendly and helpful all the while being professional. I would highly recommend them.
By Sharyn Hammond on 2014-12-21
Competent, knowledgeable, punctual and very friendly staff!
By Anon on 2014-12-12
Natalia is awesome! I would never go to anyone else.
By Anon on 2014-12-12
The staff is always knowledgeable & very Helpful
By Pam Frank on 2014-12-12
Every time that I have visited, it has been a great experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Patricia. She is very punctual, professional, courteous, and overall has made my visits quite enjoyable! I always look forward to the relaxed atmosphere and everyone is always very nice. The results that I have seen are fantastic, and highly recommend Bridgeport Laser to my friends and family.
By Kimberly Kosmas on 2014-12-12
wonderful experience..Patricia is great. I will return!!
By Karyn Buchanan on 2014-12-09
Great experience in a very professional atmosphere. Staff is very knowledgeable and offered many choices in care.
By Anon on 2014-12-09
Always happy with all services from Bridgeport laser. Super professional, kind, honest and always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Highly recommend Bridgeport laser. Love Dr. Norcom he’s the best!!!
By Krystina Osborn on 2014-12-09
The annual holiday party is always amazing complete with Champagne and hors d’ oeuvres. New offerings are presented with demonstrations and questions answered. Plus it’s always fun to meet other women who are considering various treatments.
By Dedi Streich on 2014-12-09

Was a great time!

Everyone was so welcoming , friendly and professional. Its a great atmosphere. All of my questions were answered and I was given a lot of time. I will go back.
By Diane Ulicsni on 2014-12-05
Natalia is really great at what she does. She explains every step of the way so you now what’s going on. I would highly recommend her.
By Anon on 2014-12-05
I am very impressed with Bridgeport Laser and wellness center. From the front office to the Dr, everyone was very professional and helpful. The Dr was very knowledgeable about what I was wanting to know. I would recommended them to anyone!
By Kristin Thompson on 2014-12-05
My first visit was extremely pleasant. I felt thoroughly taken care of and that I was in competent hands. I was given a lot of good and thorough information to my concerns and questions and will definitely be going back.
By Anon on 2014-12-04
Morbidly obese, I expected to be treated with some shade of disgust or disdain when I went in for a consultation. To my surprise and delight, Patricia treated me not only with respect, but with kindness and even friendship. She was very knowledgeable, professional and wonderfully competent at removing skin tags and red spots. She can be trusted to be ethical as she recommended that I see a dermatologist to have moles checked before removal. I highly recommend Patricia.
By Anon on 2014-12-03
Patricia was fantastic! This was my first time having laser hair removal and I opted to have the Brazilian and was quite nervous about it – she made the whole process easy and comfortable. I found it so easy that I added in the rest of my body for my next session. Patricia is quick, thorough, has a warm bedside manner, and does an excellent job explaining the process – a true professional.
By Dawn Swackhamer on 2014-12-03
Everyone was professional and super friendly.
By David Jowell on 2014-12-03
The best part of my day! All of the staff makes you feel like family. Very professional and knowledgeable!
By Sherry Karl on 2014-12-03
I had a consultation with Patricia and she was very up to date and informed on Ultherapy. I will be back.
By Martha Lewis on 2014-11-30
Great experience with helpful skincare pointers.
By Karyn Buchanan on 2014-11-27
Great location with warm knowledgeable staff and clinicians. Highly recommend this practice to new as well as seasoned clients.
By Anon on 2014-11-23
Love my Ultherapy results! I know it takes 3 to 6 months for full results but I swear I can see a difference after just 1 week!
By Anon on 2014-11-22
Love this place! I met Patricia for the first time,and she is awesome. The staff is friendly, and the clinic is warm and welcoming.
By Gaynor Autrand on 2014-11-20
Great experience! I enjoyed excellent service! Love it here!
By Laurie Davis on 2014-11-17
The staff were helpful and friendly.
By Vicki Scott on 2014-11-16
High quality providers and excellent customer service. Thank you!
By Darlaine Smith on 2014-11-12
I slept all night last night for the first time in years . Thank you so much.
By Brenda Berkhousen on 2014-11-11
I love this place! Everyone is very professional,friendly and supportive. I have had success with the HCG weight loss program and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing this program to do it. Your only disappointment would be that you didn’t do it sooner.
By Valerie Anderson on 2014-11-09
Great service. Very warm and friendly.
By Anon on 2014-11-06
Great experience. You all were very friendly, helpful and efficient. The environment was warm and welcoming. I’ll see you again at my next apt. Brenda
By Brenda Berkhousen on 2014-11-04
Great experience
By Nancy Tinney on 2014-11-01
First visit and very impressed.
By Kelly Curtis on 2014-11-01
The staff at Bridgeport has been exceptional in their service. Every time I have a problem with my medication, Alina or other staff members have been expedient in handling my requests.
By MaryAnn Quinn on 2014-10-31
The best place in town! I’d never go anywhere else. Alina and Dr. Norcom are AMAZING and truly care about their patients.
By Anon on 2014-10-31
Natalia is always great, I’ve never had a bad experience with her.
By Anon on 2014-10-31
This was my first visit to Bridgeport and Patricia was very helpful and took very good care of me. She explained everything she was doing and gave me excellent instructions for my post-care treatment at home. I highly recommend her services.
By Michael Chamish on 2014-10-30
very friendly and helpful!
By Nicola Stringer on 2014-10-30
Enjoyed the friendly staff and the facial was fantastic. Natalia was aesthetician and I would recommend her to family and friends. Appreciated her patience, the way she explained everything and how easy her communication was.
By Ronda Russell on 2014-10-25
Natalia is phenomenal!!!! Highly recommend her for any service!
By Michele Blankenheim on 2014-10-24
The people at Bridgeport are very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend them!
By Anon on 2014-10-23
The staff were all so nice and welcoming. They also worked with me and what services I needed and wanted to the best of their ability. They really took me in and made me feel at home. Looking forward to more great experiences!
By Chanielle Guidry on 2014-10-22
It was my first time to experience hair removal at Bridgeport. Natalia is an amazing Tecnician first off. she was very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all of my questions and her great personality was a real perk. She obviously loves her job! The pricing here was very reasonable and the results are well worth it! I thought the procedure would be more painful but their machine does an excellent job of precooling your skin and in 15 minutes I had vertually no stinging at all.
By Monica Ullrich on 2014-10-18
I have always had great results from my procedures. The staff is friendly and well informed. I will keep returning for my “tune ups.”
By Sally Bell on 2014-10-16
During my consultation, Natalia was energetic, understanding and real. She was able to show me how to solve my concerns and lead me in the right direction. She was respectful of my time and concerns. I can’t wait to have my first treatment!
By Anon on 2014-10-14
Dr norcom is great! Very skilled practioner. Have used hime for at least 3 years since. We movd here
By Sandra Verner on 2014-10-11
Excellent and professional service. Great results. Yan is the best!!
By Judy Wilson on 2014-10-11
The staff was very friendly. Explained services in detail.
By Anon on 2014-10-06
The staff was very friendly.
By Anon on 2014-10-06
A great experience with superb staff. I had wonderful results and it was enjoyable as well.
By Malika Burman on 2014-10-04
Wonderful! I was a new patient this week. Everyone was friendly and informative, starting with my phone call to schedule, the front desk girls and the physician. I felt very comfortable and will visit again.
By Anon on 2014-10-04
Loved Precilla that did my Botox!! She was friendly and I will totally come back to see her next time!
By Jamie Johns on 2014-10-01
I experienced professionalism, top quality services and products and as always, a great atmosphere created by the staff. Thank you Natalia and Cydney!!! You are both one of a kind.
By Ginger Ross on 2014-09-27
The online reviews seemed good so went for consult. Felt rushed and at times Patricia seemed annoyed with my questions. There was a lot of rapid fire information being given and a quote with little explanation on procedures recommended. Tried to soft sell me on the Jane iredale online were more bad than good for this product. Did not get to speak to a dermatologist. I asked for some samples and got those somewhat reluctantly…I felt…barely enough to last a week. Will not go back.
By Anon on 2014-09-25
Everyone is wa rm and welcoming from the second you walk in. Beautiful spa ,very calm and relaxing and beautifully decorated. Natalia takes her time iwith you and is never pushy or make you feel like she’s trying to sell you something.completely explains what she’s going to do and what the procedure is about. Alina is a wealth of knowledge in explaining in detail why the products work how they work and what would be your best option. Actually everyone there takes their time in explaining and answering any of your questions. Dr. Norcum and Dr. Yan are amazing professionals. They never make you feel rushed they explain what they’re going to do answer your questions in terms that you can actually understand.highly recommend treating yourself to a day if not weeks of returning to this spa.
By Anon on 2014-09-23
I had a wonderful experience @ Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. I had a very informative consultation prior to my injections, and we mapped out a treatment plan that was affordable as well as realistic. My provider was well educated and gave me a pleasant experience.
By Ona Sherwood on 2014-09-22
Best place!
By Anon on 2014-09-22
Great experience, as always.
By Tim Block on 2014-09-21
I luv this place. Very professional and extremely nice. ..
By Lori Miller on 2014-09-20
Best customer sercive. Carring peoples. I recommend every one to go this ace, clean, friendly, proffesional.
By Anna Haidar on 2014-09-04
Very professional, friendly, relaxing with great results.
By Pat Mermis on 2014-08-30
From the phone inquiries with Alina to the actual visit with Doctor Buenafe, I was very happy with my experience at your clinic. Your front desk is welcoming and helpful and Dr. Buenafe was thorough and knowledgeable about the hormone therapy. I felt like I had known her forever. Thank you.
By MaryAnn Quinn on 2014-08-29
This medical spa is very professionally run, friendly, courteous, and you feel right at home there. The atmosphere and care given are absolutely top notch. I would recommend this business to all of my friends without a doubt.
By Anon on 2014-08-26
A great experience, I will definitely be back.
By Malika Burman on 2014-08-23
I’ve seen Dr Norcom for several years and he does an excellent job. I recently saw Yan, the FNP, and was nervous about trusting my face to another practitioner. Within a few minutes I was totally at ease. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and confident in what she was doing. Her recommendations were spot on and I am very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend her as well. Every service I’ve had at Bridgeport has been a positive experience.
By Anon on 2014-08-23
What a great group you have. . .everyone is so helpful and goes out of their way to provide excellent service. . .
By Anon on 2014-08-22
Awesome all around. I love this place.
By Lori Miller on 2014-08-19
I always arrive feeling harried and stressed but leave feeling rested, pampered and younger.
By Martha Lewis on 2014-08-17
The staff at Bridgeport are knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them.
By Anon on 2014-08-17
The staff were very professional, helpful and very friendly Would definitely recommend this clinic.
By Anon on 2014-08-15
My experience at Bridgeport Laser was great, they were very courteous, addressed my concerns and made some recommendations. They were prompt on check in and check out. I have booked my next appointment.
By Jackie Hutchinson on 2014-08-10
Very nice office, the doctor and staff were very polite and friendly., and the procedure was quick and painless. It was great being in and out of the office so quickly
By Kim Peterson on 2014-07-31
very welcoming staff and good sense of humor from Lab tech (mandy)
By Anon on 2014-07-29
Very professional. Very knowledgeable and helpful. My experience was amazing. Thank you so much.
By Lori Miller on 2014-07-19
Natalie is great; very friendly, efficient and upbeat!
By Joanne Lind on 2014-07-15
Natalia is so friendly and comforting. Laser hair removal can be an embarrassing topic and not once did I feel judged, instead I felt encouraged. I love Bridgeport Wellness Center and would definitely refer my friends and family.
By Stephanie Hutchinson on 2014-07-11
Loved the Dr.’s honesty. That I should wait for treatment. And no pushy sales
By Beth Kiester on 2014-06-30
I always enjoy coming here. Friendly staff, great treatments.
By Anon on 2014-06-28
The staff is really friendly and very knowledgeable.
By Anon on 2014-06-28
Great service, thanks!
By Judith Dunn on 2014-06-23
Thank you for being friendly and welcoming, and for your efficiency so I could get back to work within 15 minutes.
By Holly Calderon on 2014-06-21
It’s always a pleasure to visit Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. The specials are so generous and the care extraordinary. Every aesthetician is an expert in their practice. I highly recommend Bridgeport.
By Dedi Streich on 2014-06-21
Great experience. Natalia is always professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable. I look forward to my next visit.
By Nancy Tinney on 2014-06-20
Amazing results and the best service ever. Friendly, knowledgeable and relaxing setting. I can’t express how great of an experience I had and will continue to use their wonderful services!! Thanks so much!
By Anon on 2014-06-17
The microderm was very good; she was very efficient! I was not impressed by the facial as that was the fastest facial of my life. It felt nice but I would have liked to know what products were being used and why. Surprised there was no eye cream involved in the treatment either. I will definitely come back for the microderm and plan to try the chemical peel as well!!!!!.
By Anon on 2014-06-13
I thought it was tacky I had to pay for a lotion kit, I bought a package of 3 chemical peels and it only comes with one kit? Really? This tells me you are not a first class place but nickel and dimer! A package should be all inclusive.
By Lisa Callahan on 2014-06-13
My experience with Natalia was great, as usual. I did the chemical peeling and I’m very happy with the results!
By Hassan Gobjuka on 2014-06-09
Natalia is just great! She knows what she’s doing, and she’s one reason I go to Bridgeport Laser and Wellness.
By Diane Yates on 2014-06-09
My experience was excellent!!! Dr. Norcom, Alina, Natalia and the rest of the team have excellent customer service. They are knowledgeable of the procedures, treatments and products. I recomend them to all my friends. Love coming over!!
By Marjorie Vargas on 2014-06-07
Great place!
By Anon on 2014-06-04
I did the HCG diet and lost 32 pounds in a little less than 8 weeks. Alina was fantastic! She’s professional, compassionate, and encouraging. No…I can’t tell you it’s the easiest thing to do, however if you really want to lose the weight and can be dedicated for a month or two, you can lose the weight. Stick to the recipes and find what works for you and the pounds just come off. You have to dedicate yourself to following the program and reaching your goal, but just give yourself a month and you can do it!
By Anon on 2014-06-04
Natalia is so knowledgeable about all of the procedures, that I have gained complete confidence in her responses to my questions and recommendations. Bridgeport, in general, never over sells, and in fact is always very cautious. I am so happy to know that I will always receive excellent treatment in such a lovely environment.
By Anon on 2014-06-02
The entire staff is very friendly and professional.
By Anon on 2014-05-29
I am a loyal client since 2010. The warm and professional staff has always been accomodating from arranging payment plans to squeezing me in for appointments. Thank you Cydney!!! I have ALWAYS been happy with my results (Botox, PCApeels and dermabrasions) and will only trust my face to Dr. Norcom and Natalia! They are
By Cindy Brasic on 2014-05-17

amazing and genuinely care about thier clients and have a passion for what they do. They enjoy making us beautiful!! Thank you for all you do everyone at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness!!

Vert accommodating, explained everything in detail. One thing I noticed that I have never seen another Dr do, she filled the syringe out of the bottle in front of me. I could see what I was getting. Other places I have had procedures done have just come in the room with the syringe already filled. Bridgeport Laser & Wellness has a much higher level of customer care and experience than most places. I will definitely come back!
By Anon on 2014-05-17
Outstanding! Friendly, knowledgeable and very professional! Atmosphere is very relaxing and exceptionally clean. Great experience!
By Anon on 2014-05-15
Dr. Norcom is on time, present and engaging. I feel safe and respected. No hard sell for other services or products and I appreciate that very much. Everyone is helpful and very pleasant.
By Thea Morgan on 2014-05-10
The receptionist was warm and welcoming, the atmosphere was relaxing and the nurse was fantastic in explaining the procedure. She took time to answer all my questions and never once made me feel pressured or hurried. These qualities combined are what aided my decision to proceed with the treatment.
By Darla Johnson on 2014-05-09
Great experience!
By Nancy Tinney on 2014-05-06
Alina, Dr. Janice and the team at Bridgeport Laser and Wellness are exceptional. Knowledgeable professionals that provide outstanding service and just lovely people! I highly recommend their services!
By Stacy Cowell on 2014-05-03
Natalia is simply amazing! I always love coming to see her. The front desk staff has also always been wonderful.
By Teri Fabis on 2014-04-26
Always leave feeling sooo much better than when I came in. Love my time at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness.
By Anon on 2014-04-17
Everyone is so nice and professional. A very relaxed, calm place of business. It is not a place of high pressure sales to get you to buy the latest and greatest product or service. I’ve been coming here for years, and highly recommend it!
By Anon on 2014-04-09
Well…working with Alina was fantastic! She made me feel welcomed and not insecure about the weight loss program. She made me feel like she wanted nothing more than for me to succeed and she would be there the entire time with me. I left her office feeling amazing about my choice. I’ve been to BLWC before, however, then I went to check out. The young lady at front made me feel well beneath maybe your usual clientele. I might not “look” like I have a lot of money and my little $600 may be well below what most people there may pay. When I asked for a payment plan she acted as if it was beneath her. It was rude. I will be back only because I have worked with Dr. Norcum and his wife and they have been amazing to me and have really helped. But, you asked for feedback and that’s the only thing I had.
By Anon on 2014-04-06
My visit was informational and the service was on time. I would do business with Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center again.
By Anon on 2014-04-06
I have received treatment over the last eight years of all the treatment centers Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center has by far treated me the best and thee treatments have always came out as well or better than I expected. Unlike the other previously tried. IB
By Anon on 2014-04-06
Dr. Norcom is wonderful, he is very honest and goes 100% explaining everything so I understand and feel confident and understood! He is very professional and compassionate , does a wonderful job always pleased with results!
By Anon on 2014-04-03
Website – very easy to find the information i needed. First call for information – Excellent! Polite, informative & honest. First site visit – even more impressed. Easy parking, clean & modern facility but most of all – transparency. No bait & switch. All pricing easy to identify & no hidden fees. Paid even less than quoted due to wonderful special currently offered. Doctor & staff – Delightful. I’m in the first week of HCG. Down 5 lbs. Couldn’t be happier with my choice. If you’re on the fence, jump off & run to make an appointment before special is over!
By Anon on 2014-04-02
I have been a client of Bridgeport for many years now. They provide the highest customer service, very professional yet very personal. I have used Botox, Dermal Fillers, IPL,and Chemical Peels. The results are amazing and natural. My family and friends just think I am looking younger, more relaxed, and happy. I would never go anywhere else.
By Anon on 2014-03-30
Happy with the service and good deals.
By Jennie Clark on 2014-03-27
Friendly professional people who are happy to take the time to answer all questions.
By Teresa Farrell on 2014-03-22
It’s always a pleasure to schedule a treatment. All the staff is friendly and efficient. Natalia is a gifted aesthetician with your best interest first in her mind. Treatments are customized based on your own body shape and response. The facility is immaculate, beautiful and conveniently located. Each visit really feels like a trip to the spa.!
By Dedi Streich on 2014-03-19
Love this spa…friendly helpful staff. Will definitely keep returning here.
By Anon on 2014-03-18
The staff is warm, attentive, and informative. Alina is always compassionate and helpful with all of my questions and concerns.
By Kathy Turner on 2014-03-16
As always, a great experience. Dr. Norcom is great and my treatment was painless. Would highly recommend this office who anyone who wants the best.
By Michelle Sprando on 2014-03-15
Everyone at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness is friendly and professional. Natalia is so nice and great at what she does! I’d never want to go to anyone else!
By Anon on 2014-03-15
Wonderful, rejuvenating experience. Left me feeling and looking 10 years younger. My favorite place to go for “me” time.
By Anon on 2014-03-09
Another great visit with Dr Norcom-professional and informative! Sydney was more than helpful as usual!
By Joanne Peragine on 2014-03-07
I had Sclerotherapy done on my legs for spider veins and Dr. Derek Norcom, MD was excellent! He’s very professional and gentle. He uses an extremely small needle; I could hardly feel a thing! I had one particularly bad patch of veins that have already disappeared by 50%. Will have to go back again, and won’t think twice about doing it. I would definitely recommend him if you’re considering this procedure.
By Anon on 2014-03-06
Thank-you for the lovely service Dr. Norcom & staff! My daughter treated me to a special service & I would recommend your spa-clinic to anyone that’s needs a “lift me
By Kathryn Park on 2014-03-03

up” treat or basic maintenance . You and your staff exude professionalism, knowledge and safety and anyone would benefit from your services ! Thank-you! Kathryn

Dena did a fabulous job doing my botox.
By Shawna Davis on 2014-03-01
I love Bridgeport Wellness and Laser! They treat me like a Queen. No matter which treatment I’m having done I know I’m in professional hands. I always leave feeling better and happier!
By Sherry Karl on 2014-02-28
BPW Center has always provided me with top quality products, services, and client care. No matter what service I am receiving, my health and well being is always foremost in the mind of staff. I trust the center to deliver personalized, safe care. With Dr. Norcom and Alina overseeing everything, I am assured of the best in beauty and health services.
By Judy Bottita on 2014-02-22
Very welcoming atmosphere and as always, professional, kind and caring staff.
By Anon on 2014-02-18
I can’t understand why i can’t get a quote for services but continue to get daily specials. they are either so busy they don’t need new business or so unprofessional
By Anon on 2014-02-06

they don’t know how to pick up the phone and return messages.

Accomodating, informative, clean with pleasant staff.
By Meghan Hoobler on 2014-02-04
The staff and team at Bridgeport is nothing less than amazing and caring of your specific needs and wants. They truly care about their patients and I would highly recommend any family member or friend.
By Julie Kaanapu on 2014-01-30
Very personable and professional…loved it!! My skin looks great!
By Shawna Davis on 2014-01-26
The entire team at Bridgeport is excellent. It’s a relaxed, informative and professional atmosphere I would recommend to anyone.
By Karen Eide on 2014-01-26
Excellent. Professional and warm. Susan
By Anon on 2014-01-23
Customer service is excellent, services and products are highest quality. I have always received the best, most courteous care from all staff. Results of each type of service have been as promised, keeping me well satisfied and certain that I can continue to have confidence in care overseen by Dr. Norcom and his staff.
By Judy Bottita on 2014-01-23
Yasmin was phenomenal! I received a very thorough skin consultation and I’m excited to start my treatment plan at the end of this month. She also gave me an excellent facial and microdermabrasion. I’m very impressed and will definitely refer my besties!
By Kyleen Leineweber on 2014-01-17
My experience at BPL is always wonderful. Natalia is who I go to and I wouldn’t see anyone else. She’s so friendly, smart, funny and she really knows her work. She takes so much time to explain things to you which I really appreciate. Thank you
By Teri Fabis on 2014-01-17
I absolutely loved my visits with you, everyone was warm and friendly. I will be definitely be returning!
By Alison Morkert on 2014-01-11
Every appointment is nourishing, personally enriching, and luxurious. I am always treated professionally and warmly. Your staff obviously loves what they do, and they take the time to make sure each client feels welcomed and valued. Thank you for the wonderful experience, and helping me to feel as beautiful as you help me to look!
By Anon on 2013-12-19
Excellent service
By Anon on 2013-12-15
Superior service! Yasmine and Dr.Norcom treated me with excellent care and respect!
By Debbie Aberle on 2013-12-15
Excellent service, all around.
By Aubrey Jackson on 2013-12-15
Thank you!
By Anon on 2013-12-12
Natalia is amazing and always provides great treatments!
By Anon on 2013-12-11
I am pleased with their service and the aestheticians.
By Shawna Davis on 2013-12-10
Going to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center is like going back in time where customer service was at the top of every company’s priority lists. I feel like a queen every time I go. They practically role out the red carpet when you arrive. I have had Botox and Juviderm injections done at other clinics and it was a somewhat painful experience. When I had the same services performed by Dr. Norcom at Bridgeport, I did not feel a thing. He performed both services with a masterful touch. Thank you Dr. Norcom you are a master at your trade. I would recommend anyone who is contemplating where they should go to get any face work done to go straight to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center. You will not be disappointed!
By Erin Yates on 2013-11-26
The staff is always very professional and helpful. I have brought 2 friends to Bridgeport laser. They have been very pleased with their results also.
By Barb Yost on 2013-11-24
I have been twice to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center. I find them to be friendly, informative, personable, efficient, knowledgeable and reasonable priced. I will be returning in the future ;o) PLTK
By Anon on 2013-11-24
I actually brought my husband there a while ago but he really liked it. I’m bringing a friend to the Holiday Party Dec. 7th and expecting a very fun time.
By Anon on 2013-11-23
Natalia was wonderful and she helped me a lot!
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2013-11-22
I had a very nice and informative visit regarding the removal of the redness on my cheeks and chin (broken capillaries). Yasmine fully explained the procedure and cost. I am looking forward to my appointment.
By Sally Bell on 2013-11-21
I got a chemical peel facial from Natalia. She was wonderful, and my skin is already looking and feeling radiant!!! I highly recommend this!
By Anon on 2013-11-21
Fantastic as always!!!
By Jewel Parisi on 2013-11-21
People are wonderful as always. Average score due to lack of product being available. this is the second time i wanted to buy items and they were not available. this causes an extra trip (more time = $).
By Anon on 2013-11-05
Always a wonderful experience!
By Anon on 2013-11-02
My procedure did not turn out well. It was my first time and instead of starting off with a little bit and seeing how I did, I was given a heavy dose and am having to wait for it to wear off. I would have considered coming back to try it again (with less dosage) but am disappointed they did not provide a credit for doing so since I paid much more than I really needed to initially.
By Anon on 2013-10-28
Great experience , laser tech. Thank you!
By Anon on 2013-10-24
Natalia was fabulous as always! She is always so very concerned and helpful!
By Joanne Peragine on 2013-10-21
Great treatment, experienced technician, excellent results so far.
By Anon on 2013-10-08
My experience was a warm, friendly and efficient attention to my concerns with an understanding view of current and future costs.
By Anon on 2013-10-07
I completely trust all the staff and the trained technicians who take their job seriously and listen to you! Make an appointment for a consultation, it won’t cost you anything. You’ll be glad you did! Sherry
By Sherry Karl on 2013-10-05
My experience was great. Natalia was professional and warm and made me feel very comfortable.
By Anon on 2013-10-04
Friendly staff. Excellent work! Definitely going back!
By Anon on 2013-10-03
Doc Norcom is good!
By Victoria Krabill on 2013-10-01
Dr. Norcom is wonderful.
By Anon on 2013-09-19
Bridgeport Laser & Wellness is great. Always on time and efficient but answer any questions I have. Better results here than at many of the other places I’ve tried.
By Anon on 2013-09-18
Natalia is very nice and professional. She has concern for my well-being!
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2013-09-18
Great experience ! Laser technician ofer great care before and after procedure, helpful instructions for at home care. Thank you N.!!!
By Anon on 2013-09-17
Always have a great experience when I go to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center. From the appointment set up, to checking in & out and Dr. Norcom is second to none with his painless botox injections with great results as well as great dialogue. I rave about this place to anyone interested in one of their many services offered. Julie J
By Julie Johnson on 2013-09-17
Another great appointment!
By Anon on 2013-09-17
Great experience.
By Anon on 2013-09-17
I participated in their HCG weighloss program with terrific results. The encouragement that I received along the way helped me to accomplish my goal.
By Anon on 2013-09-16
Dr Norcom and Alaina are fantastic! They are always helpful and informative. The entire staff are top notch!
By Joanne Peragine on 2013-09-10
The best place, clean excellent costumer service.excellent service.
By Anna Haidar on 2013-09-10
Nice, efficient, no trying to sell me unneeded services.
By Anon on 2013-09-10
Natalia is truly experienced! I have had three laser session so far and results are superb. I’m rating her 10 and that explains everything! Thank you, Natalia!
By Anon on 2013-09-09
I have recommended Bridgeport to other friends. I have even brought them with me for services. I think they are very professional and personable. I will continue to recommend them to other friends.
By Barb Yost on 2013-09-03
It was quiet, quick, efficient, no waiting, great doc, kind woman at the front desk. A class operation and fun too.
By Anon on 2013-09-03
I received excellent customer service over the phone yesterday when I called and inquired about their services. I was impressed with their prompt and professional services.
By Pam Archer on 2013-09-01
So easy on me! Very reassuring & professional.
By Anon on 2013-08-28
I always love coming in! My only disappointment is that 3 of the last 4 times I have come in to purchase product or make up, you are out of what I need. I came back over 3 weeks later on 2 occasions and the product was still not in. And had not
By Roxanne Kotansky on 2013-08-28

even been ordered πŸ™ unfortunately, I had to go to another clinic for my products and usually now go there first because I know they will have it.

Yasmine is FABULOUS! She always listens to my concerns and helps me choose the right treatment plan to reach my goals. It’s always a pleasure to see her. Crystal B.
By Crystal Busch on 2013-08-27
The absolute best care possibe. Go see Natalia!
By Anon on 2013-08-22
Natalia is wonderful, always happy with their services, thank you!
By Rita Sherman on 2013-08-21
I really like Dr. Norcoms work. Howevee yhis time i experienced extensive bruising which has never happened before. Ot could be a new medication im on and forgot to ask about
By Sandra Verner on 2013-08-13
Natalia was wonderful. my IPL treatment had some wonderful results.Thank you.
By Anon on 2013-08-11
I am in my mid twenties and struggle with hormonal acne. Natalia worked with me to find the appropriate treatment which was the Sensiclear chemical peel. My skin is clear, and the noticable peeling time is minimal. I get compliments on my skin all the time now it seems! The wonderful staff at BPW are always very helpful and never make me feel like they are trying to make me purchase something I don’t need.
By Anon on 2013-08-11

Thank you! You guys are the best!

Great! Natalia was informative, professional and did an awesome job.
By Anon on 2013-08-07
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I trust them to do a good job.
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2013-08-06
I would not trust anyone else to do my Botox or other procedures. Bridgeport Laser and Wellness is the polar opposite to mall clinics and fly by night retail “spas” out to make a quick buck on non insurable procedures. I have been a customer for two years and I can tell you the same people have been there since day one. Cydney, Natalya, Alaina and Robyn have become my trusted advisors. Do not be fooled by Groupons or radio commercials. Go where professionals are trained, take their work seriously, and have an artist’s eye. You will not be sorry to make BLW your home for quality treatments!
By Chris Cunningham on 2013-08-02
Natalia was fantastic. Full of great info and education.
By Anon on 2013-07-30
Nathalie is a very friendly aesthetician. She listens to you. She keeps you occupied with a good conversation and keeps checking if one is comfortable. I highly recommend her. She is a thorough professional. I have already started observing positive changes as a result of the the process.
By Ravi Reddi on 2013-07-29
Robin is amazing! She is a true artist when it comes to dermal-fillers. She went above and beyond to restore the youth and beauty in both my mother’s face as well as mine. My mother cried after we left because of how touched she was by the difference Robin’s work did in restoring back her once remembered beauty that she has felt has been lost for some time. I swear Robin made my mother look 30 years younger.
By Erin Yates on 2013-07-26

Thank you Robin for your expertise and your amazing talent! Robin and I are the same age so I did tell her as long as we are both alive, I am going to be hitting her up every year for a fill-up so please don’t retire any time soon because MANY would be lost with you and your special talent!

The ladies at Bridgeport Laser are super professional & easy to work with!
By Anon on 2013-07-25
Everyone was very friendly, I really didn’t see the results that I have gotten elsewhere.
By Lorna Craig on 2013-07-25
Great service. Knowledgeable staff. I will go back again.
By Anon on 2013-07-24
Staff was really nice, informative, and I was very pleased with my whole experience at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center.
By Anon on 2013-07-19
I have yet to receive via email my statement for my insurance. 3 conversations later, I asked for a copy send via email. I was told by bookkeeper it would be sent.
By Marti Diaz on 2013-07-19

Otherwise, the service is very nice. Friendly front dest. I keep coming back.

The esthetician Natalia was great, however everytime I go in for a microdermabrasion the appointment gets shorter. I was in out and out in less then 20 minutes for a service that used to take 45 minutes – really not getting my monies worth with the new location!
By Lisa Pulaski on 2013-07-18
Robyn is fantastic!!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results of my botox. I wont be going anywhere else.
By Tina Smith on 2013-07-17
I love the people and I love the atmosphere. My only suggestion would be to have the appointments start on time instead of having to wait 10 min or so. I make I lot of effort to be punctual and it would be nice to have someone ready when I arrive. So the evening appointments feel rushed. It would be nice to have the time set aside without the feeling that they just want to go home.
By Anon on 2013-07-17
Bridgeport is so friendly and they make me feel so comfortable. I have tried a lot of places and I have found my place at Bridgeport.
By Deena Fredricks on 2013-07-17
The entire staff at Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center were extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Norcom is an artist who worked magic and transformed my thin lips into fuller yet natural looking lips. I now have the lips I’ve always wanted that makes me feel more confident, younger and beautiful. I would and have recommended Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center to everyone.
By Carley Fairchild on 2013-07-17
Customer Service was excellent, as always. The treatment I received was provided by a competent, caring individual and I am more than pleased with the results. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. BLW has built up their practice by establishing trust, providing quality services, and by focusing on each client as if they were the only one.
By Judy Bottita on 2013-07-15
I went to Bridgeport Laser and Wellness for a consultation on services. Natalia is amazing! She Actually recommended a much less expensive treatment for me, that she believed would be quite effective. I love their forthright recommendations based on best patient results, regardless of price.
By Dedi Streich on 2013-07-15
Natalia is fantastic. She does a great job at making me feel comfortable and able to enjoy myself during my services. Very personable and kind woman!
By Anon on 2013-07-15
I love this place. Very thoughtful, helpful, talented people. I’m so glad I’m occasionally in their hands!
By Anon on 2013-07-10
Always have great service here and staff is friendly.
By Katelynd Orolin on 2013-07-01
Best facial great friendly conversation!
By Celine Botel on 2013-06-29
Thanks again for excellent service and customer care. Best regards, Elizabeth-Anne and Emerson
By Emerson Stone III on 2013-06-29
My questions and concerns were addressed. I am looking forward to starting the program July 9.
By Anon on 2013-06-29
Natalia is awesome! She is helping me get ready for my wedding and my skin has never looked so great. Thanks!
By Teah Adams on 2013-06-28
Very friendly, helpful staff!
By Anon on 2013-06-27
I *love* this place. I was previously getting botox at a different spa but wasn’t thrilled with the new staff. I came here having done a bit of research. They are fantastic; Dr. Norcam, Alina, Natalya all rock. Dr. Norcam is excellent at what he does, and I am so impressed by the service and accommodation by all the staff. Since I began going there, I have used other services; IPL, laser hair removal and Hcg. Not once did I feel pressured to do anything, or buy anything. I have referred many friends here, who have all had a very positive experience. I cannot say enough good things about this place.
By Anon on 2013-06-25
My appointment was with Robyn for botox. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I have had botox for 15 years. I have never been happier with my results ! I would recommend her to anyone . ……
By Sandra Georgaras on 2013-06-25
Bridgeport Wellness center is a comfortable welcoming environment. I used their services last year for laser hair removal, they were great. I only wish I had done this 6 years earlier. I had questions on Injectables, filers. Robin, explained the options and made recommendations, based on my personal health and objectives. It would be nice if they had a repeat customer discount, something I would of jumped on yesterday.
By Anon on 2013-06-19
I love my visits at Bridgeport. I receive excellent service and everyone is so friendly and caring. Andrea
By Anon on 2013-06-16
Robin was thorough, professional, and skilled. She is a great fit for your office and services
By Judy Bottita on 2013-06-13
Love this place. Everyone is very professional and nice. No waiting when I arrive. Definitely would recommend.
By Anon on 2013-06-12
It was a very nice experience. Everyone more than answered my questions and even provided me with more information than I had asked for. Great experience!
By Anon on 2013-06-12
Robin is wonderful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
By Anon on 2013-06-12
Derek Norcom is a truly nice guy, and a highly skilled injector who knows his stuff. He answers questions honestly concerning my expectations about procedures and does not try to “sell”. The Spa runs regular nice specials, the facility itself is elegant without being stuffy, and staff are professional and friendly. Alina Norcom’s attention to every detail has created an atmosphere where guests feel welcomed, refreshed, and special!
By Anon on 2013-06-09
Dr Norcom was professional and light hearted as usual. Alaina is always so sweet, helpful and willing to give guidance concerning future treatments.
By Joanne Peragine on 2013-06-05
My experience with BLWC is always great! The staff is so kind and helpful. I was running late for my appointment last week and thought I would need to reschedule, but they were extremely accomodating and sweet. I would recommend BLWC to anyone!!
By Anon on 2013-06-05
Robin is absolutely fantastic; so knowledgeable and professional!
By Anon on 2013-06-03
Robin is the best with Botox! Love her!
By Anon on 2013-05-26
Loved getting my first Botox service. Robin is the best at explaining all there is. Will be back in the future for other services.
By Michele McGrain on 2013-05-24
Staff was professional, helpful and answered all questions about treatment; also provided information on various procedures available when asked. Dr Norcom has a
By Rick Trebing on 2013-05-22

calem, reassuring and informative style of communicating and interacting. I like his conservative approach to treamtment. It’s obviuos he likes what he’s doing/

By Ami McCart on 2013-05-22
Friendly, Knowledgable, Helpful overall positive experience
By Anon on 2013-05-17
I have never looked or felt more beautiful in my life. I am 61 years old. No doctor and staff have cared more compassionately for and about me than Dr. Norcom and Alina. They are like family, the kind of family who want only the best for you and work to make sure you have it. What services can I recommend wholeheartedly? Botox, JuvΓ©derm, Restylane, laser hair removal, IPL, and Pixel. Oh…and makeup makeovers. πŸ™‚ The services are great, but the people are better. I can guarantee that you will not meet anyone more knowledgeable, up-to-date, personable, and caring than Dr. Derek Norcom and Alina. Trust me. See them. You owe yourself the
By Anon on 2013-05-16

best–and you have found them.

knowledgable staff, very pleasant surroundings, multiple treatments available.
By Lucy Blair on 2013-05-14
It is a private matter, so I would not likely recommend service to others publically. But I was happy with the service
By Jennie Clark on 2013-05-12
Robin was great! I have been coming here for several months and have always enjoyed the experience.
By Kim Beveridge on 2013-05-10
It went really well! I was worried too. Very comfortable.
By Celina Camacho on 2013-05-09
Natalia is always great! She’s knowledgable and very personable! Looking forward to my next visit.
By Tonia Mason on 2013-05-09
Very honest, not salesy in approach. Front desk extremely nice
By Shawna Davis on 2013-05-03
I have been going to Dr. Norcom for years and love how he focuses on the wellness of the whole person, not just the aesthetics of their skin. During my recent consultation, he answered all of my questions and took me through mant possible options to address my skin concerns. The thing I like the best about going to Bridgeport is that you are not “sold” on the procedures or products they offer, but rather the staff educates you on what treatment options exist, what current research recommends and how to approach your issue in the most conservative and
By Angela Arterberry on 2013-05-03

cost-effective manner possible while also producing the best possible results. The care and professionalism of the entire staff, led by the brilliant and unassuming Dr. Norcom, keeps me coming back for services to keep my skin as healthy as possible as I age.

Excellent service. Thank you!
By Anon on 2013-05-01
The very best spa and wellness center in the Metropolitan area. This is worth a drive from other parts of town for such expert advice and caring service. From Cydney at the front desk to the medical staff you will feel cared about and for at the highest level. You owe it to yourself to pay the folks a visit!
By Chris Cunningham on 2013-04-26
I was very pleased with my experience at Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center. The staff was warm and gracious and made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in the door. My clinician was professional and informative. I never felt that I was being pushed into a procedure. I would recommend Bridgeport to my friends.
By Anne Prettyman on 2013-04-24
Great job and good conversation
By Kate Hendrick on 2013-04-24
Incredible massage. Justyn is truly gifted. He found my ‘problem’ areas without me telling him where they were and suggested stretches to do at home to extend the benefits of the massage. I’ll be back for sure!
By Anon on 2013-04-15
BL&WC is a totally professional, well-organized business. All the practitioners are well-trained, knowledgeable, and personable. I can tell that I will be a customer for a long time! I also apprecicate the email reminder/confirmation process and the followup they do. top-notch!
By Anon on 2013-04-11
I had such a great experience here! Everyone is so helpful and pleasant. Natalia had great suggestions for my skin and pointed me in the right direction. I definitely am going back!
By Anon on 2013-04-10
I am always very pleased with the staff and the service!!
By Jessica Mermis on 2013-04-06
the only reason I did not give them a 5-star rating is because they’re towels are very coarse. after having a laser procedure your skin becomes very sensitive and and the towels are very uncomfortable next to your skin I would even say painful.
By Richard Persinger on 2013-04-06
Dr. Norcrum is the best!!
By Anon on 2013-04-06
I love it! Honestly the staff, Dr. Norcom, EVERYONE, is so easy to work with and understand! I’ve referred all my family and a few friends!
By Miki Dehoog on 2013-04-05
By Lori Pierce on 2013-04-05
The dr. did a great job!
By Ginny Rosenkranz on 2013-04-04
Very professional. Fantastic staff!
By Diana Jones on 2013-04-04
Very professional, informative, and friendly staff.
By Anon on 2013-03-26
Great visit! Your company should consider taking SpaFinder certificates
By Kelly Loper on 2013-03-24
Everyone is always very friendly. It has been a great experience so far! Hence why I drive from camas to you guys.
By Anon on 2013-03-23
awesome! Staff are wonderful!
By Anon on 2013-03-21
Entire staff courteous and knowledgable. It’s so nice to receive aesthetic services in such a professional environment! Will definitely return and refer to both Robin and Natalia!
By Anon on 2013-03-21
The staff and services at Bridgeport are the best and most trusted in the Portland area. Caring, skilled staff embody “customer service” . With a wide range of service offerings, why would I go anywhere else?
By Judy Bottita on 2013-03-20
I really like Bridgeport Laser & Wellness for their fast service- I was in & out in about 10 min!! Thank you!!
By Anon on 2013-03-16
I have been into the Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center for a few pixel laser treatments over the last four months. Dr. Norcom and his staff are absolutely amazing. I am completely blown away by the results. My pores are much smaller and most of my acne scarring has gone away. I would recommend BLWC to anyone looking to make a significant improvement to the texture of their skin.
By Anon on 2013-03-14
Really happy with my Botox appointment. I’ve been to places where I’ve had to wait a good half hr for my treatment and Bridgeport was right on time. Results have been great too!
By Anon on 2013-03-14
Excellent and quick! as always
By Julia Huddleston on 2013-03-13
Great service from Robin,friendly and convenient πŸ™‚
By Nancy Rytel on 2013-03-13
He knows what a deep tissue massage is and how to do it! Thank you. Highly recommended.
By Anon on 2013-03-12
Received a very therapeutic massage from Justyn that helped relieve aching in my neck and shoulders from working at a computer every day. His knowledge of the muscle groups and exercises for stretching them was very helpful. Would definitely recommend.
By Steve Peterson on 2013-03-11
Quick service, staff was wonderful, great deals, sterility is up to par.
By Anon on 2013-03-08
These folks were wonderful – A very professional staff and beautiful office. I will continue services there and highly recommend!
By Anon on 2013-03-08
Robin was great! Very professional yet personable. Fabulous experience. I will be going back!
By Anon on 2013-03-08
It was great. Felt very comfortable and staff was professional.
By Anon on 2013-03-08
The staff is very professional and discreet. They never keep you waiting and the services always give great results!
By Anon on 2013-03-07
Another great experience with Dr. Norcom. He keeps me looking younger than my driver’s license says.
By Suzanne Johnson on 2013-03-07
Alina was great! She explained what to expect and what I need to know in every detail.~ She even convinced me not to worry about the injection. (I’ve always been afraid of needles … & I’m doing in the injection myself ~ “Scary”!) But it was a breeze! Not “Scary” at all! I left knowing I was in good hands! AND I will be in my batahing suit again by Spring Break!
By Molly Macom on 2013-03-01
I always feel like I’m treated so personably. I love everyone there.
By Wendy Mohr on 2013-02-27
Outstanding from the moment I stepped through the door. First, Natalia shared her personal experience with a similar procedure; then Dr N came in and was the perfect blend of pragmatic ‘here is what we can do’ with creative artistry. In short the results of the procedure exceeded my expectations in every way. Easy procedure, minimal bruising, excellent results. Thank you!! I highly recommend Bridgeport and wouldn’t trust my face anywhere else.
By Anon on 2013-02-26
Ginger was great – very knowledgeable and professional. Really enjoyed my time with her.
By Anon on 2013-02-26
I had a consultation session with Natalia and she was amazing. She is well experienced, knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about.
By Anon on 2013-02-26
My experience with Bridgeprt Laser and Welness Center was beyond excellent! I had called several times prior to making an appt because I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision for me. The staff was more than helpful and spent as much time as I needed answering my questions. I am so pleased and happy I made the right decision to use and trust Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center. I especially want to thank Alina and I am very excited to continue to work with her tword my goal
By April Schweikl on 2013-02-26


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this center is beautiful and the staff were so professional and kind.
By Anon on 2013-02-25
The massage was great but I waited 11 minutes to be greeted by the receptionist that was on a work related call so my massage was cut short.
By Molly Bell on 2013-02-22
Great place!!!I’m very happy with all the services that I got!!Natalie is wonderful,very easy to talk to,makes you feel comfortable,I will definitely recommended to all my friends!!
By Anca Vesa on 2013-02-22
Great experience having a pixel and IPL treatment. Natalia is an excellent esthetician!!
By Christie Nixon on 2013-02-20
This place is awesome! Customer service and pricing are just fantastic. I will definitely be back!
By Anon on 2013-02-18
Extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff.
By Anon on 2013-02-17
Loved my massage from Justyn! I’ve had a few and his was the best to date. He was very nice and provided helpful tips for stretching and recovery. Thank you! πŸ™‚ – Ashley
By Ashley Willey on 2013-02-17
The massage therapist as great and made me feel very comfortable. He identified my “problem” spots and went over each of them with me, including giving me stretches to help them. He was GREAT! The only negative – The front staff didn’t make me feel welcome and didn’t seem ready to answer my questions
By Anon on 2013-02-14
By Judy Hoffart on 2013-02-13
initial consultation was great. I feel comfortable resuming treatments thereafter meeting with the doc. I like the generally overall conservative approach, but getting good suggestions for current and potential procedures. thanks
By Rick Trebing on 2013-02-08
Very excited with my results, but can’t wait for my next visit!! Love the staff, felt so comfortable and cared for, they really want you to look and feel your best! Thank you, Bridgeport! See you all again, soon!
By Lori O’Brien on 2013-02-08
Very nice staff, comfortable environment , enjoyable visit definetly going back, want to try deep tissue massage next !
By Holly Scribner on 2013-02-08
Professionalism in elegant surroundings. They walk the talk here. This was my 4th visit and I have been Very Happy with all services. Amen!
By Anon on 2013-02-08
IPL procedure went very well. Natalia and very professional and also fun to work with. Thank you!
By Wendy Clausen on 2013-02-05
I was nervous about having my IPL and Pixel on the same day. Natalia was amazing. She talked me through every step, let me know what she was doing before she did it, and made the entire experience comfortable from start to finish. I’m on day 3 now and pleasantly surprised at how fast I have healed. I was so nervous about nothing!!
By Anon on 2013-02-04

Thanks Natalia!

Justin gave me a relaxing and effective massage. I almost fell asleep during the massage. I have had pain in my left thigh and hip. It seems to be better after this massage.
By Debbie Meisinger on 2013-02-03
Good Service. Friendly Staff. High quality of Professionalism.
By Ravi Reddi on 2013-02-03
I am very pleased with the results of the procedure I had at the clinic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I’m planning to return for additional anti-aging treatments in the future.
By Patricia Lisle on 2013-01-30
Natalia is FABULOUS! She does a great job of listening to what your needs are addressing any questions or concerns and making you comfortable. I enjoy every visit with here.
By Jessica Hill on 2013-01-30
Great! The ladies were nice, the environment was welcoming and clean. The guy that worked with me was very nice and patient; great information and helpful.
By Anon on 2013-01-28
Very professional staff and a comfortable environment. Dr. Norcom is very helpful and patient in his explanations and recommendations. I highly recommend this center for your needs.
By Anon on 2013-01-27
Incredibly happy once again with both the service and results. Enjoyed meeting Justyn and will definitely book a massage again with him. Natalyia is very informed and knows her stuff. Trust her completely. Robin is truly an artist and so nice. Have no plans on going anywhere else for my treatments.
By Julie Beck on 2013-01-27
I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I had with Natalia – she’s great; however, having spent $1200 to tighten my lower face and neck area, I have yet to see any results – more than a little disappointing.
By Anon on 2013-01-26
LOVE Robin….such a great experience every time I come… I will be back very soon..:)
By Anon on 2013-01-25
Always professional and kind. Thank you!
By Anon on 2013-01-25
Courteous, polite and friendly. Dr. Norcom was very knowledgeable, and I appreciated the straight forward way he explained the procedure. He showed me all of the tools he would use, and explained the risks. All questions I had were answered,
By Kathy Bracken on 2013-01-23

and he even offered to check his schedule to see if he could fit me in while I was there, after deciding to go forward. The relaxed, spa-like environment made me feel much more at-ease than sitting in a sterile hospital-like room. I would recommend this medi-spa to anyone looking for similar services.

By Anon on 2013-01-22
πŸ™‚ Very satisfied, as usual!
By Steve Reynolds on 2013-01-22
I think everyone is very helpful & profesional. I have enjoyed the services I recieved here & would like to recomend a couple friends to your buisness.
By Barb Yost on 2013-01-20
I would highly recommend going for the best message Ever! Very relaxing and received some stretching tips to use. Loved it!
By Alise Tingen on 2013-01-20
Bridgeport Laser and Wellness is an extraordinary facility. From the moment you walk in the door, you experience professionalism and confidentiality from each practitioner. I love this place!
By Anon on 2013-01-16
I came to my appointment but had to be turned away after the technician discovered from my paperwork that I am currently taking antibiotics. She was very thorough not only have caught this immediately, but also in her explanation about the procedure. She took plenty of time answering any questions I had and was extremely kind and accommodating.
By Heather Frith on 2013-01-12
The doctor has an excellent touch with giving injections. Completely painfree. I had total confidence in his suggestions. Give Dr. Norcom a chance to serve you. He’s excellent!
By Anon on 2013-01-11
Staff is always friendly and knowledgable. I’ve been very satisfied with my results after each procedure. I’m 65 and look fabulous !
By Sherry Karl on 2013-01-11
It’s like family there… Everyone looks out for your very best interest.
By Anon on 2013-01-11
Everyone here is always TOP NOTCH. Complete emphasis on customer service which makes it a pleasure to walk in. I worked with Dr Norcom yesterday which was great, but i’ve also had great experiences with Robin and of course Cydney at the front desk!! (I met Ginger yesterday for the first time and she was just as great as the rest of the team!) Looking forward to meeting Natalia in a couple of weeks for a Laser treatment…I hear great things about her too! If you are on the fence or searching for a place to go that has a staff with knowledge and excellent service skills, look no further!! I’ll probably be a customer for as long as the doors are open!
By Lisa Shoop on 2013-01-11
Very prompt with appt and Dr. very knowledgable and personable!
By Anon on 2013-01-11
my visit was very nice, Justyn was excellent. I also really enjoyed my facial with Natilia. No product sales pressure, just a perfect relaxing time. I was diappointed you did not accept Spa Finder certificates. As a regular spa visitor, thats the only way I purchase. Easy parking and access for Bridgeport area.
By Kelly Loper on 2013-01-09
Always a great experience. The staff are friendly, professional and very skilled. I trust Bridgeport entirely and highly recommend anyone considering the services they offer go there. It is a treat experiencing world class, high touch customer service, and I always look forward to my sessions.
By Anon on 2013-01-05
Another trip to my favorite place to get beautiful. Spoiled pampered and petted. The best.
By Martha Lewis on 2013-01-04
Always a great experience,my skin looks & feels great
By Anon on 2013-01-04
Wonderful as always!
By Darcy Harding on 2013-01-03
Excellent as always!
By Caren Chvatal on 2012-12-30
Dr Norcom is an artist! He makes the procedures pleasant and adds humor to make it a good experience! Natalia has been great as well. She is knowable and honest about needed treatments. The entire staff is always helpful above and beyond-thank all of you!
By Joanne Peragine on 2012-12-30
Dr Norcom was great as usual! Just a little mix up on what I had in reserve/what I needed to purchase with coupon book and what I actually would use for the appt. Thank you Alaina for responding so quickly!
By Joanne Peragine on 2012-12-30
Always enjoy the efficiency and personal care of Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. Their Private Holiday Party for past customers was so fun and the savings book is generous. Try it! You won’t be disappointed in any if their services.
By Dedi Streich on 2012-12-29
i liket
By Loubna Taha on 2012-12-18
Natalia is fantastic…she’s honest about your results and really knows her stuff. What I love about this place is that they won’t try and sell you something just because you want it. If it won’t work for what you want to accomplish, they’ll tell you. I appreciate their honesty and clear value of customer service versus making a sale.
By Anon on 2012-12-16
Great service ~ Thanks
By Elena Molau on 2012-12-16
Great facial! So relaxing and my skin looks wonderful! Thanks!
By Anon on 2012-12-15
Excellent service, Friendly staff. Timely reminders about the appointments.
By Ravi Reddi on 2012-12-15
Dr. Norcum is amazing! He takes the time to first WAIT for his patience as they drive down from Seattle πŸ˜‰ And then, propertly inject the beloved ” juice for youth” and ways takes the time to hear about your day! He’s awesome! His calm demenor and great sense of humor creates a nurturing enviornment for improving ones haggard bits πŸ˜‰ I love this office and shall return for a peel next week!!
By Cindy Brasic on 2012-12-11
Excellent costumer service , very patient . Explain very well treatment.
By Anna Haidar on 2012-12-06
The experience at Bridgeport taught me that injecting fillers is an art. Prior to my visit at Bridgeport I thought of the procedure as a skil, now I know it is much more. When there is a creative passion behind the injections the results can be amazing .What a great experience.
By Amanda Gilmore-King on 2012-12-03
Had a wonderful relaxing experience. Left feeling and looking so much better. Will be back soon!
By Martha Lewis on 2012-12-03
Had a massage with Justin. I would definitely recommend him
By Wendy Clausen on 2012-12-01
Great!! Love Natalia!
By Emily Sheffield on 2012-12-01
I find Dr. Norcom to be professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I appreciate that he takes the time to answer my questions thoroughly, allowing me to make an informed decision at my pace without feeling pressure. I have been happy with the procedure and effects of botox administered by Dr Norcom. I have never been asked to wait past my appointment time, never been unhappy with my experience, and I appreciate the professional, discreet staff.
By Rachelle Robbins on 2012-11-30
Staff are all very polite and friendly and Robin is AMAZING!! Thank you so much!
By Anon on 2012-11-30
excellent. It is my 4th visit and Natalia is an amazing therapist and a very lovely person as well.
By Anon on 2012-11-30
I enjoyed an hour and a half massage by Justin. Afterwards, he took the time to explain several stretches that would help isolated muscles, and suggested an hour-long bath in epsom salts to help muscles that were worked on during the massage. He was very professional, friendly and helpful. The surroundings of your salon are also very relaxing and most enjoyable and my only wish is that I could afford to enjoy this luxury every couple of weeks! Thank you.
By Pat Mermis on 2012-11-29
By Darcy Harding on 2012-11-29
I love you Robin!!! You give the BEST SHOTS EVER & ALWAYS beautiful results! Thank you!! I’m not signing my name to this because I don’t want all my friends to see
By Anon on 2012-11-28

this & know that I’m not naturally wrinkle free at age 46. Beautiful office & phenomenal staff!!!

I have seen Robin many times for my Botox & she’s the best I’ve ever experienced (very gentle injections). But recently I saw her for a laser procedure on my face. I expressed my nervousness to her. She was sweet, patient, & professional. She did a really great job of explaining the procedure & what to expect afterwards. She told me I’d look a little worse for the wear initially, but the end result would be beautiful. She was absolutely right. Once again, I was amazed by the wonderful service I received there. My face looks better then it’s looked in years. Thank you Robin! You’re so sweet!!!
By Anon on 2012-11-28
Natalia was wonderful as usual and very attentive! It’s always fun to visit with her!
By Joanne Peragine on 2012-11-22
I have been to 5 different places in the Portland area for Botox and, Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center is by far the best! I have been treated by Dr. Norcom and his nurse Robin and both were not only so very knowledgeable but very personable too. I felt more comfortable there I just loved it. They also have so many more services and products I can’t wait to try.
By Anon on 2012-11-18
Beautiful place, knowledgeable staff with 5 star customer service. Thanks.
By Anon on 2012-11-18
I really like the center, and the friendly, knowledgeable staff – I am curious about something I just noticed when going through receipts – I originally bought a Living Social deal for one appointment – when I bought additional appointments at that visit, I got a receipt that I really didn’t look at closely until recently – now, I see it includes a
By Anon on 2012-11-18

$20 tip that I did not authorize – to me, a tip (gratuity), is paid after a service is rendered – I hadn’t even had the first of the added appointments when I got the receipt – I tip the indivitual beautiful lady that does my particular procedure – am I missing something in the fine print?

My experience was excellent. The staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly. I highly recommend them.
By Vanessa Juryla on 2012-11-17
Highly professional and excellent and caring service.
By Lauren Abrew on 2012-11-16
very profesional & helpful. they answered all my questions. they have wonderful specials.they are worth the drive to reach them!
By Barb Yost on 2012-11-14
I felt complete confidance in the person who performed my Pixel laser treatment. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Definitely will be back for future investments in my personal appearance.
By Anon on 2012-11-14
Probably would not recommend Bridgeport just because it is not the sort of thing that I would talk about. But I am happy with the services.
By Jennie Clark on 2012-11-11
I just came in to buy a ticket to the holiday event.
By Lene (Lena) Wells on 2012-11-11
Like walking in and being greeted. Dr. is great and willing to share some fun music, and even sing along!! I have some bruises today but rest looks good. Will return….
By Mary Troxel on 2012-11-09
It was my first experience at Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center and it was a good one. I appreciated the services provided by knowledgeable, warm and genuine professionals. The clinic is inviting and well appointed. I’m planning my next visit soon
By Anon on 2012-11-09
as always, very professional, friendly, helpful!! Love this place!!!
By Caren Chvatal on 2012-11-08
I always look forward to my appts. I trust the experts completely and always have excellent results. I enjoy the staff very much!
By Sherry Karl on 2012-11-07
It is a wonderful experience. Professional and very comfortable environment. The staff is A+ and so is the Doctor. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now.
By Anon on 2012-11-03
Nice people. Always on time.
By Anon on 2012-11-03
Bridgeport Laser and Wellness is a haven where they pamper and truly beautify me. The practitioners are walking advertisements for their services, and caring and kind as well. I will return!
By Martha Lewis on 2012-11-02
Fast, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, kind
By Colleen O’Callaghan on 2012-10-27
Natalia gave me an excellent facial.
By Patricia (Pat) O’Neill on 2012-10-26
My visit was wonderful and very pleasant. I felt more like a guest then a patient. Thanks for everything!
By Anon on 2012-10-26
Robin is absolutely outstanding! She has made my experience a pleasant one. I appreciate the overall professionalism of the entire staff & the inviting, warm environment of the office.
By Mary Elizabeth Harper on 2012-10-26
Four days out after filler and swelling and bursing clearing up nicely. At this point I am very happy and know it will only get better. Love Bridgeport Laser and everyone there. Very professional group
By Anon on 2012-10-25
I’m thoroughly impressed! Upon entering, I found the atmosphere serene and relaxing and was immediately offered something to drink while I filled out some forms. Most impressive, however, was the time I spent with Dr. Derek Norcom. He was so refreshingly honest and engaging. Im just sorry that his recommendation of not proceeding with the weight-loss program was necessary due to the prostate cancer complication. Too bad. I enjoyed meeting him and have a great conversation. Many thanks to his wife as well.
By Bob Barker on 2012-10-23
The Wellness Center is the most beautiful treatment center I have been to in the Portland area. I was treated quickly by a great doctor who gave me alot of valuable information. The results were great. I would recommend this center to anyone and everyone.
By Carley Lindsay on 2012-10-23
Always professional in every way. These guys bend over backwards to ensure you feel comfortable with whatever it is you are there for, and they do things right…
By Anon on 2012-10-23

Methodical, gentle and always with an open ear toward the customer/patient. I have been going there since they opened, recommended others follow suit and everyone has been more than pleased and impressed. Appomtment next week. I look forward to it.

I was blown away by the knowledge and experience Natalia had. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I loved what she did for me.
By Alicia Tomasi on 2012-10-22
Professional, relaxing environment. Natalia (who did my pixel) is reassuring, quick and competent.
By Anon on 2012-10-21
Each time I visit it’s like years melt off. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dr. Norcom!
By Suzanne Johnson on 2012-10-20
Excellent service from everyone. Very professional.
By Anon on 2012-10-19
Great appointment as always – every one is so nice – my new favorite place to go.
By Anon on 2012-10-19
Natalia is wonderful! On time and very professional treatment.
By Debra Wilhelm on 2012-10-18
she is so kind and easy to be around! Robin is very gentle as she injects the product; I appreciate her!
By Darcy Harding on 2012-10-18
I came in for Botox. They saw me immediately and the Botox was administered very quickly and efficiently and was just the right amount. Troublesome lines gone but I don’t look like a frozen Fox ‘n’ Friends personality. I also asked them about treatment for keratosis pilaris (red bumps on upper arms). My options were IPL which could end up being very expensive, or a serum from Skinceuticals. I took the much cheaper serum and am very pleased with the result one week later. I’m glad they recommended it!
By Anon on 2012-10-15
My skin looks amazing. Would Highly recommend
By Mariva England on 2012-10-12
Natalia is a gem. Always makes me feel comfortable even when the procedures are not. She’s friendly and an absolute professional. I will keep coming back.
By Shawn Smith on 2012-10-12
not only do they carry the most extensive line of Skinceuticals & jane irdedale, their staff is the most knowledgeable I’ve ever dealt with. I won’t go anywhere else!!
By Pam Frank on 2012-10-09
I love coming here. Everyone I’ve met or had services with (botox, hair removal, pixel) was very well informed and made sure all my questions were answered.
By Anon on 2012-10-04
I was so impressed by this facility. Their staff was so nice!! I loved how they texted & emailed me a reminder of my appt. Dr Norcom was extremely gentle with me as I’d never had Botox before & was a little nervous about it. He explained the history of Botox & how it works. I really truly felt like a patient he cared about rather than just another injection. I will definitely be going back & living an hour away is worth the travel is still worth it to me. Thank you so much!!!
By Renee Lien on 2012-10-04
I had Botox injections done at the Bridgeport Laser and Wellness Center. They got me in right on time and were quick and efficient during the appt. I was on my lunch break so this was very much appreciated. The individual doing my injections was knowledgeable and informative.
By Anon on 2012-10-01
Amazing experience the staff is incredible.
By Trish Dye on 2012-10-01
Robin was very knowledgable and put the Botox in exactly the right area. It works great!
By Judy Hoffart on 2012-09-28
I’m always happy leaving Bridgeport laser. they are all so nice & professional. I
By Anon on 2012-09-26

always recommend it to my friends & family. I had services from Botox to fillers & I’m always happy

Each time I have been to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center I have been very happy. Everyone there is very personable and professional. I have had pixel, botox and juverderm done. Every time I have been very happy with the results. Dr. Norcom is so very nice and I trust him with any of the procedures I have had done or will ever have done.
By Michelle Buche on 2012-09-22
I went to Bridgeport Laser to pick-up some make-up. I had been having a couple issues with my skin and spoke to Alina about them. She was truly interested in my needs and gave me a different product to try at no cost. She cared about my isssues and truly helped me come up with a game plan to improve my skin. Love the people at Bridgeport Laser & Welness Center.
By Alicia Tomasi on 2012-09-19
Nice staff and nice place!
By Abby Patel on 2012-09-19
So glad I discovered Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center when I took advantage of a Living Social offer – good location – beautiful office – the ladies are interested in their clients & interesting to talk with – the ones I have met are very good at what they do – I will recommend the center to any one I feel is looking for what it has to offer.
By Anon on 2012-09-16
I was so pleased with the efficiency of the office staff in filling my prescription quickly. They ordered it and called me promptly when it came in. Thank you!
By Janet Ferguson on 2012-09-12
I have had amazing customer service here! Thoughtful ,funny, and professional. And my treatment makes me very happy. I think I have found “my special” place Robin is wonderful!
By Cindy Young on 2012-09-12
Best product knowledge in the Portland Metro Area!
By Pam Frank on 2012-09-10
I arrived was greeted nicely by the receptionist and impressed by their hospitality beauty of the front room. I arrived in the massage room, it was freezing! Not inviting He began on my right shoulder and the right side of my body was CRAMPING from imbalance by the time I had to STOP him and ask why he was spending so much time on that said to which he said “Well, I have 90 minutes to spend…that’s a long time” I couldn’t believe what I had heard but asked him to please consider doing a little more balanced approach. he moved his way around he came to my arm. I have had massages for many years and I have never had someone put my arm and my hand in their LAP while trying to massage my arm!!!!! It felt awkward and not even comfortable or accessible to my muscles. I finally told him I was uncomfortable with my hand in his lap and he said, “Well, I have to do that to get to your muscles” He sat down during much of the massage and when I finally turned over onto my front side, he gave a little rub on my neck and said “Well, looks like we are out of time” and neglected entire parts of my body which needed massaging. I was appalled. I have NEVER complained about a massage but I will NOT return if he is the masseuse. So sad. And I still tipped him.
By Anon on 2012-09-09
Robin is such a professional! Friendly, meticulous, and virtually painless injections.
By Julie Beck on 2012-09-07
We were greeted promptly and the wait was not long. Justyn was amazing in the way he made you feel comfortable and performed the massage in a detailed manner. We were very happy with both Bridgeport Laser and Wellness and Justyn as our massage therapist. We will be back and we will ask for Justyn!
By Joe Buffington on 2012-09-06
Justin was very professional and knowledgeable. He applied the perfect amount of pressure and checked in with me/asked a lot of questions along the way. After the massage he recommended an epsom salt bath and lots of water and also suggested several stretches that I should be doing.
By Anon on 2012-08-29
The people at Bridgeport Laser are truly commited to the success of their treatments. Dr. Norcom, is analytical, thoughtful and at times unconventional in his approach to each person’s concerns. The staff is considerate, friendly and efficient. You will have a wonderful exoerience if you choose to go. I highly recommend!
By Anon on 2012-08-28
I always receive excellent service at Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. The staff is professional and helpful and I really like the products they sell.
By Carol Hershey on 2012-08-20
I enjoyed my service with Robin. It was my first time at the Wellness Center. She was extremely relaxed and offered a relaxing environment for me. She was knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly. The facilities are clean and inviting. I enjoyed my experience
By Anon on 2012-08-19
He was great. Took time to listen to where I was in pain. Spent quality time working the knots out and spent time after to show me things I can do to keep them from coming back. Really quality experience. Thanks.
By Shelley Reimer on 2012-08-18
I went to BL & WC for a second laser treatment of a birthmark underneath my eye. I was kept waiting for 45 minutes as the Dr. Norcom looked for a plastic protection thing. The eye got swollen and it hurt. My birthmark is now the same or worse! The botox treatment went well though. So SO place!
By Marti Diaz on 2012-08-17
I’ve been seeing Dr. Norcom for treatments for the past couple of years and he is wonderful. Very professional, personalbe and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center.
By Anon on 2012-08-17
I am so excited to see the results happening so quick, I can’t wait for it all to unfold! Natalia was so welcoming and informative, she made it easy to ask questions and be really helpful. I’m looking forward to working with her more.
By Anon on 2012-08-15
There is not a better med spa in Portland than Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. I have tried the big advertisers and I must say Bridgeport out does them in every
By Chris Cunningham on 2012-08-15

category-reults, customer care, price and staff. Do yourself a favor and make an appointmnet today. You will be thrilled! Chris 57 almost 58!

This place is clean, plenty of parking with great after work hours. Everyone I encountered was courteous, professional and beautiful. Sadly, the treatment I got (which I’ve been getting for years someplace else) did not work. They did apply another procedure at no extra cost, but sadly again it did not work. I’m not sure if they got a bad batch of botox or if it was just an application error. I was very disappointed, and because the botox didn’t work…you could see it all over my face.
By David Anthonie on 2012-08-15
Natalia is the best!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else πŸ™‚
By Joy Stahl on 2012-08-10
I’m always happy & they are willing to do whatever needs to be done to make sure I’m satisfied
By Angela Kitzmiller on 2012-08-04
This was my first visit; it far exceeded my expectations! You receive a warm welcome at the reception area and the atmosphere is calming and simply wonderful. I saw immediate results following the procedure, and was very impressed with the staff’s knowledge and interaction with me before, during and after the procedure.
By Constance Harvey on 2012-08-04
wonderful experience at Brideport Laser and Wellness Center friendly and professional.
By Lenore Helweg-Cox on 2012-08-02
I would highly recommend laser hair removal with Natalia at Bridgeport Laser. She’s the best in the biz, and their laser machine is top of the line. I’m thrilled with the results!
By Anon on 2012-08-01
Dr. Norcom is an artist. The experience was the best, place is comfortable, staff is professional and caring. I have had Radiesse and Botox in the past, it has never been done with such prefection and caring. I am visiting area but will be returning to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness Center!!!
By Frederick Fenstermacher on 2012-07-27
Natasha is great! Warm, friendly, and professional…
By Caren Chvatal on 2012-07-26
Once again, I had a great session with Natalia. She’s a great technician and she’s fun, too! I’ve seen great improvement in my skin. Natalia is a wiz with the laser.
By Suzanne Johnson on 2012-07-25

Thanks Natalia! Suzanne

Always nice to chat w/ Dr. Derek
By Lisa Yeager-Walmer on 2012-07-20
My recent spa facial was fantastic, it was relaxing and my skin felt wonderful after the experience.
By Anon on 2012-07-19
I go here mainly for Botox, but have also attended informational events, purchased products, and had some threading done. The staff is super polite and professional, the atmosphere is clean and calming, and the treatments deliver what they promise.
By Anon on 2012-07-18
My first time having Pixel. NatalIa answered all of my questions and I knew exactly what to expect. She takes her time and is thorough. When my session was complete she walked me through the after care once again and gave me a post care sheet as well as her card and cell number if I needed to reach her over the weekend.
By Anon on 2012-07-17

Unbelieveable customer service from Natalia as well as the entire Bridgeport staff.I am on day three of my post Pixel treatment and I am very excited as to what I am seeing in the mirror! Thank you Natalia. It is obvious that you care for your clients and love what you do. Thank you Cydney for your sweet smile and warm greeting every time I approach the front desk.

All of the staff members were very friendly and provided outstanding service. The treatment I received from Natalia was amazing, and not to also mention, very comforting. I would not hesistate to refer anyone to be a client of this clinic.
By Janice Buenafe on 2012-07-14
Natalia is amazing with the laser treatments! Dr.Norcom is good at giving painless and effective botox treatments!
By Anon on 2012-07-13
I have always been treated very well when I visit Bridgeport Laser and Wellness. I have always been very pleased with the services and the staff. Everyone there has a smile and a helping hand. I have no complaints.
By Anon on 2012-07-11
Professional…both clinical care and customer service. I schedule around my work and travel schedule to be seen by Dr. Norcom and his staff. Always a great experience.
By Sherilan Sullivan on 2012-07-08
I have been going to Dr Norcom for over three years. Dr Norcom is incrediably professional, skilled and kind. It is scary trusting someone with your face because everyone knows someone who has had a bad experience with fillers or Botox. Dr Norcom takes the time to listen and never seems hurried. The results are always natural and never overdone. I highly reommend Bridgport Laser and Dr Norom!
By Rondine Anderson on 2012-07-07
BPLWC does it right. They are always professional in every way, polite and are happy to listen to your questions. Dr. Norcom is more attentive than almost any doctor I have met, with a deep concern for every patient he encounters. I try to purchase all of my pre-shaving scrubs here, as well as numerous other items. Their staff, including their LMT, Dr. Teah, has been so helpful in working out my back pain after a serious collision with a semi tractor trailer. A pleasure to always vist.
By Anon on 2012-07-01
This is my second visit to Bridgeport Laser & Wellness. Both times I’ve found the staff to be friendly, professional and fun! I love that I can book appointments on line!
By Anon on 2012-06-29