When you think of Beaverton, OR, you might think of the future. Since it is part of the silicon forest, Beaverton is home to some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, such as IBM, Tektronix, and yes, Nike. Along with these futuristic companies comes people who are creating and molding what the future will look like. With all of this modernity, you can start to feel like a dinosaur pretty early on in life, and if your skin is starting to show signs of aging, that feeling will only intensify. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Beaverton residents and people around the world are finding ways to make their skin look younger. This has benefits beyond just looking younger. Self-esteem and confidence are both tied to how we feel about our appearance. Having saggy skin can make you feel unappealing and unattractive. For many, the things that used to bring joy may no longer do so, simply because they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Botox may be the solution for making skin look and feel younger, and providing a boost to your self-esteem, too. 


You’ve probably heard of Botox before, and with good reason. It is a highly effective skin care injection that smooths out wrinkles and lines, and helps to add volume to the face. Skin gets saggy as you age, and it can give your face a hollow look that can be unattractive. Botox will relax the muscles that exacerbate wrinkles and give your skin a healthy-looking vibrancy that looks and feels younger. 

Here’s what Botox can do for you: 

  • Eliminate facial wrinkles
  • Fill in hollow cheeks
  • Fade age scars
  • Plump out thin lips

Is There a Recovery Period for Botox?

Unlike invasive surgeries, you can go right back to your day after a Botox treatment. What does that mean? It means that other than some slight swelling and possibly bruising, there is no recovery needed for Botox. You can even schedule your treatment during your lunch break and be back at work with no issues. Having a more youthful appearance has never been easier. 

Should I Get Botox?

Botox is a fantastic option for many people who are starting to lose their confidence about the appearance of their aging skin. If you are a non-smoker and in good physical health, then there’s a good chance that you are a candidate for Botox treatments. To make sure, call 503-772-3297 today for a free consultation to discuss how you might benefit from Botox and whether it’s a good option for your aesthetic goals.