Palomar Icon™ Laser Treatment

Palomar Icon™ Laser Treatment

Laser-based skin correction has never been safer thanks to the introduction of the Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System. This revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment is incredible in its ability to remove wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and much more. And since it’s non-invasive, this means no incisions or needles.

The Palomar Icon™ treats a multitude of areas on your body including:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Acne scars and surgical scar reduction
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Leg vein appearance reduction
  • Vessel and pigment reduction
  • Laser hair removal (for darker skin types)
Palomar Icon™ Before and After

How Does the Palomar Icon™ Work?

The Palomar Icon™ delivers fractional laser light deep below the surface of your skin to target affected skin issues such as scars. This laser light stimulates the body’s immune response, sparking it to start producing new skin cells. As these new skin tissues are developed, the damaged areas are filled in with new cells, returning the damaged skin to a more natural appearance. Icon™ works on any skin type including those with very light or dark skin.

Palomar Icon™ is Safe

Thanks to its groundbreaking Skintel™ melanin reader, Palomar Icon™ can determine the average melanin density of your skin. This allows us to precisely adjust the laser to the perfect wavelength for your skin, ensuring optimal safety. Plus, Icon’s Advanced Contact Cooling™ technology will keep your skin temperature lower and reduce discomfort.

Palomar Icon™ Side Effects

Side effects to Palomar Icon™ treatments are few and disappear quickly. You can expect slight redness in the areas treated. With the adjustable cooling technology, your skin be protected and will remain at a comfortable temperature. Treatments are done in-office and typically allow you to return to normal daily activities right after your session. We’d would be happy to discuss any concerns you might have.

Palomar Icon™ Handsets

1540 Fractional Laser

This fractional, non-ablative laser (non-ablative means it just heats up the targeted tissue rather than vaporizing it), is the perfect skin resurfacing treatment for conditions such as stretch marks, surgical scars and acne scars. We have both the XF Microlens for quick treatment sessions as well as the XD Microlens designed for more penetration into the skin for treating deeper scars.

1064+ Laser

The 1064+ laser does wonders on a range of leg vessels including small, red vessels as well larger, blue leg veins.

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